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Another Black Screen Bug Thread (With Screenshot)


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so I did an alert today and came up with the "black screen bug", when I go to extraction, the background of the score/resources/mods I got show up, but the score/resources/mods doesn't, sometimes, I go to the Liset and it's still there, but in the case of the screenshot below, I stay at the mission just standing there 


PS: isn't my Nekros awesome or what XD

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Yep, have seen this quite a few times the past week or so (Probably since 14.9?).  Just the animation of you extracting and ship flying away with no mission summary overlay.  Then it sits there either black screen or it shows my frame standing there or sometimes I do the downed animation and even the music that comes on when you are dead plays.  Have to Alt-F4 out and restart the client or it just sits there forever.  You get the rewards though so it's just an inconvenience mostly.

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