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Immortal Stalker Bug


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I would have taken screenshots but I guess I was just taken back by the idea of my dread, which is fully capable of hitting 53k crits per arrow, was only doing 0's to the stalker, in terminus.


It's nice that you guys want to put the new stance on him, but seriously?


I finally find him, and he's in GOD MODE?


Please fix this DE.



Edit 1:


If it somehow helps, here are the screenshots of my loadout at the time of the stalkers appearance.






Yes I have the stance, I was trying to do some number crunching when Stalker God popped up


Edit 2: Yes, I attacked the stalker while he was spawning. Saw 0 damage, thought to myself oh okay, that's new. Let him get up, saw him move around, shot my dread into his face. 0 0 damage. He teleported, hit me with his hate, shot him in the face again. Still 0 0 damage. Kept going until I died, because immortal stalker 2 OP.


Also, this happened while the game was set to SOLO. Perhaps another possible trigger for the bug.

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he is immortal now but only WHILE HE IS MAKING HIS THEATRICAL ENTRY, it seems people got used to one hit him while he was sitting both before and after the battle, so they fix that and now you kinda have to let him strike first.


I'm sorry to inform you that you are wrong.


He was completely immune to all damage, even after entering, swinging his hate, shooting his dread, throwing his despair, and teleporting.


He was immortal. He could not be killed. Period.

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I had this problem too and would like DE to look into it. He tore my precious Volt a new one, while running a T3 capture. My latron prime can usually turn Stalker into finger paint with a few head shots but he was shrugging it off like it was a mosquito. I'd have understood if he was at least taking some damage, but my jaw hit the floor when I saw nothing but zeros where there should have been (damage) number values way above that.

Like you, I was shocked... pun intended.

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Yeah, I wasn't happy about the fact that I ran around fighting the stalker, evading his ridiculous damage, when he was just immune to mine.


I admit it. I got quite upset. Had one of those moments of silent rage.


Updated the first post with my weapon loadout at the time. Perhaps something in there was making the bug happen.

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doubt your loadout would change him, even if he had the same bug than volt shields you don't use penetration mods. 



btw you use HC on a bow? it should be more crooked than a fair gallery gun


It actually performs very well. I can still snipe with it fairly easily.


It just takes a bit more prediction to trace down an enemy from farther away.


At mid range though? Whatever it hits. Dies.





The reason I posted my loadout, is because it could have been a possible mod combo that could have bugged it out. Possible conclave, or even something silly like the stalker having absolute immunity to viral damage.


Since it's a bug, I just go ahead and report anything that could have even the slightest bit of effect.

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Stalker came at me again, was able to kill him this time


I forgot I had my UI in screenshots turned off




So now I'm going to guess that if you do enough damage to the stalker during his spawn animation where he's invincible (Enough to kill him perhaps?) then he'll just bug out completely and stay immortal?


Edit: Oh and of course, Stalker dropped nothing, the mod that dropped was even empty. Yay my luck is OP.

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