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Guide: How To Make A Successful Casual Moon Clan



So I got bored and decided I would share the simple secrets to creating large casual clans. The guide probably isnt finished and I'll probably add to it once I realize  missed something.


Wall of text incoming

How to make a successful Casual Moon Clan

By: YouHaveShamedYoFamory

This is a guide on how to make a CASUAL clan not a competitive clan.


You don’t need a fancy emblem, my first emblem was made on paint and it worked for a while.


[Clan Name]

Whatever the hell you want bro-ski


[The recruit message]

This is absolutely crucial. Here is my recruit message, it has evolved over time and has become a thing of perfection. Any message like it is guaranteed to get you members.

Recruit message: need an active, helpful, and laid back clan? Join Deus Ex Tempus (Moon Clan) we got all labs and no requirements to join :D pm me for info or invite. (950+ members)

You may be thinking to yourselves, “But shamed, that sounds stupid and lame and it doesn’t seem like it would work,” (said no one ever n.d.). I’m the one with 1200+ members so I suggest you shut the hell up and read. All of my clans have used an edited version of this message and gained members very quickly.

I was able to become moon clan in 2 or 3 months and gain 1000+ members a little bit after (The thought of creating a sister clan didn’t occur to me immediately at the time).

You have to be willing to recruit non-stop. You want a big clan? Then put in some work, brah. I was recruiting like a mad man.

You do not need a recruit page until you reach storm status. If you follow my method you won’t even need a recruit page until you are Mountain or Moon status. Do not expect your recruit page to be your main recruiting source, it is only there to help.

Send out your recruit message every 2 minutes, that is the most ideal way to recruit


[Clan Management]

When you first start off a casual clan you don’t necessarily need officers or a second in command. When I first started Deus Ex Tempus I was the only officer until we got a little past moon clan phase. We had a couple hundred members and my active helpful members wanted some kind of recognition. So I made up a rank and promoted some people (I will get into what permissions to give to people later).

Remember! You may be the leader but you don’t need to distance yourself from the members. Help them out, let them know you are a good person. But remember, you are the leader, put your foot down when you need to.

I’m quite tolerant when it comes to language in clan chat. I don’t care if people say bad things about me or say the dojo looks like S#&$. I take it all as opinions I should listen to and learn from. Also I’m not some kid who cries after being insulted, what are you 5?


[Setting up Officers]

Like I said earlier, I was the only officer and did the sole recruiting for a time. You only need officers after you get a substantial amount of members.

What I have my officers’ do (this includes high ranking officers):

~Kick inactives

~Make sure no one is causing trouble



(I have one 2nd in command and a few other officers below him)

Anything else is optional

IMPORTANT: make sure you don’t have too many officers, this is crucial. Too many people with power may cause issues and your normal members may be upset that others are getting promoted and they aren’t.


[Clan Management: Permissions]

What permissions do you give your members? Almost all of them of course. Do not let your normal members have the ability to kick, promote, or change dojo rooms, or be tacticians.

Letting people have plenty of rights makes them feel happy and free. When I first started Deus Ex Tempus I let every1 do almost everything, even add or change rooms in the dojo. This worked really well, people like my laid back attitude and appreciated what I did. Later people asked me to take away people’s rights to change the dojo because of fear that’d we’d get trolls. My members told me this, I didn’t force this upon them.


[Clan Management: Purging]

“Shamed, I’m a loser who can’t keep my members active because I don’t know anything! Please teach me, fearless leader!” (Said everyone ever n.d.).

So you got inactives in your clan, eh? Then purge them what the hell are you waiting for?

Well you should be waiting for yourself to get a couple hundred members. I only started purging inactives at around 300 members. See if you follow my recruiting method you can do this perfectly and you won’t be crying about how your clan is dead. Here’s what you do, by the time you reach 300 members (assuming you followed my recruiting method) you will set a goal for yourself. My goal was to kick a maximum of 3 people a day and recruit a MINIMUM of 3 people a day. Keyword is minimum.

“But shamed why would I do that, wouldn't I stop gaining members?” How about you shut your god damn mouth and use your brain. If you have 300 members and 150 of them are inactive, guess what people who join your clan will be like, “WTF bro your clan is dead 420 blaze it I’m out.” When you purge people and replace them you’ll slowly be increasing your activity. So you had 300 members, 150 inactive and maybe 30 online at one time. Now you have 300 (if you use my recruiting method you will always get more than 3 members a day, this is just an example) members, 147 inactive, and 33 online at one time. This will increase your activity, new members will see how active you are because the total member count hasn’t changed but the inactive count is going down, If you use my method like I did you will get more than 3 members daily and your member count will rise along with your activity. You will continue this method until you reach 1000 members (things change a little bit after that, I’ll explain later).  This is guaranteed to work.


[Purging and Warnings: Certain Circumstances]

Now lets split this up into to short paragraphs. 1 will be about Purging and the other Warnings


Now as you become more accustomed to being a clan leader you'll notice that sometimes you don't want to purge certain people. My Sister Clan Leaders won't ever be kicked because of the great service they did for the clan, I even dedicated temples of honor in my dojo to them. But how do you go about saving people from the purge without angering others? Now what I did is something OPTIONAL! You dont have to do it. I made a rank called Famory Member in my clan, there are 2 types of people who get this rank. #1 if they contributed a lot and will be gone for a long period of time and will return and they ASKED me to save them. #2 They were just great people, they should be immortalized. This is just me, you dont have to do this but hopefully it gives you ideas.


As a casual clan leader you will have to give warnings out every now and then. This is pretty straight forward and more of a reminder if anything. Use your best judgement.


[​Recruiting Etiquette]

Here are some things you need to know when it comes to the recruiting tab.

If you see someone spamming their recruit message, screenshot them (make sure you have timestamps enabled) and send a support ticket about them. People like them just get in your way. If you remember from earlier I said that sending your recruit message out every 2 minutes was best. The reason I said that is because if you do it every 1 minute you will look like you are spamming, and you kinda would be. Don't trash talk on on the recruit tab, you don't want to give your clan a bad name and you generally want to kick or warn people in your clan if they start trashing other clans on recruit chat.


[Building your dojo]

This is pretty straight forward and there is a trick to it. When you first start your clan it is crucial to be the person doing all the builds at first. When I made my clan I told my members, “You are not required to donate to anything, I got this covered.” This is absolutely genius. People see how nice you are AND WILL AUTOMATICALLY WANT TO HELP YOU BUILD THE DOJO. This will work I have 3 clans and it’s worked in all of them. When you are nice, people will want to help you.

[Clan Emblem]

(I had an emblem before I recruited people)

I traded stuff to get the plat for the emblem, I made the emblem on paint and it worked for a while. After I got a couple hundred members I asked if any members could donate plat for a new emblem. People were lining up to give me plat. Why did this work? Because I was nice and they wanted the clan to grow. I was even able to get a member to make the clan emblem for free. All because I was nice to them and kept the clan laid back.


[When You Reach 1000 members]

This is pretty simple. When you reach 1000 members immediately purge ALL of your inactive members, this leaves room for new active members to join, Whenever you reach 1000 members purge all your inactives while still fulfilling the daily goal you set.


[Creating a Sister Clan]

A sister clan is an extension of the clan you first created. For anyone wanting to exceed 1000 members this is needed. How do you choose who will be your sister clan leader? Well you choose your most trusted and veteran member(s). When my sister clan Deus Ex Tempus Flame was first created i made a mental list of all my veteran members and asked them who would be willing. I chose a guy named Teklor (this dude is a f*cking hero). At that point i had all the knowledge of recruiting engraved in my mind and I taught him all the techniques I'm telling you now. He got 300 members faster than I did when I first started my clan. But then something happened, he had some real life issues (i assume) crop up and couldn't get online anymore. This made me realize something. Something very important that you, the reader, should know.


Always have an alternate account in all your sister clans just in case the leader/management gets messed up. I sent a support ticket to De and they passed leadership on to my Alternate account. I then gave another veteran member from my main clan leadership with my alt. account. Now we have a fail-safe just incase the new leader or management gets messed up


Make sure the sister clan leader is willing to recruit alot like you have 

[Things for you to know]

Being a clan leader isn’t hard at all, you are essentially a super-recruiter. You learn things along the way. Does this guide have things that worked for me every single time? Yes, everything you see here has been tested multiple times and works.


[About my credibility]


That speaks for itself



This guide may be edited if I realize I missed stuff, people will probably point that out for me in the most insulting way possible I bet XD



I'll be organizing this better with time


If you have any questions feel free to message me privately through the forum mail or just reply to this topic

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