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Inconsistency With Dendra Shoulder Armor


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I don't know if this has been raised before, or if this is even a bug, but it's something inconsistent that has really been bothering me as of late. When wearing the dendra armor (I know this is the case for my Vauban, I haven't tested any other frames yet) on your shoulders, when you equip a clan emblem and either an alliance or event emblem, the two display very differently. The clan emblem (which I believe is displaying correctly) appears to rest on top of the "plate" of energy created by the armor. The emblem on the opposing side, however, appears to rest under that energy "plate", and often clips with the little circular node on the physical armor component itself.


It's not a huge bug, but for someone as OCD as myself it really bothers me that I can't use any of my other emblems without them displaying in a very strange way, and I am "forced" to use my quantum emblem from Tethra's Doom to avoid my neurosis.


Here is an imgur link with a comparison (done quickly with print screen and paint so please forgive me):



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