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Corpus Won The Invasion, But Mission Is Still Grineer


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Yep, invasions stopped affecting node control when U14 released.

I am fairly sure this is working as intended, because it's been brought up before but none of the DEvs have said anything about it.


Also, when U14 released, all of the nodes which had been flipped due to invasions were reverted to their old pre-invasion controllers, so it essentially annihilated all of the work people had done for the Corpus/Grineer in terms of solar domination.


I believe the reversion was in regards to some people complaining that the invasion system was leaving most of the planets in Grineer control, and would eventually lead to the Corpus being wiped out of the game.


In any case, it would be nice if a few planets were 'battle planets' that had flip-able nodes while the rest of the Sol system remained static in control.

Best of the nine worlds, so to speak.

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Honestly if there were just a couple planets (like Mars for example) that could be flipped, intentionally designed as conflict planets map-wise, I'd be fine with them flipping.


Oh btw there was the issue of Ceres being almost entirely corpus controlled after hydroid's release, players almost couldn't get Hydroid because of the beacons not being available for over a month.

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:Reasoning behind removal:


It was the Ceres Hydroid Hek Beacon fiasco.

Good memory.


And also yes, Mars would be a great candidate,

I would also put Saturn, Sedna, and Europa forward as candidates.

That way we would have a decent spread of level ranges.

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