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Falling Off The Map Bug (Screenshot)


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so I hear this has happened a lot to our fellow tenno, this is happened to me 5 times now, and I hope by this screenshot is gets fixed 


as you can see, I've fallen off the map above, when I press "Esc" it doesn't do anything, or actually it does, I can click on the options but I can't see them, the chat works just fine, and I die after a shoort time after this happens, even if I use a revive it'll be the same 

thank you and fix it soon 

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A lot of times you will die and be able to revive. Once that happens most of the time it will automatically start you falling and then you will land on the top of the map, able to fall down to the ground and continue (Unless earth, then you may hit the barrier and be floating) Otherwise you can poistion yourself if need to so you hit the playable area once more.

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