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Info first two situations: Saxis, exterminate, host, public but no one joined.



Spawning MOAs

Room: Broken bridge, hanging MOAs, sometimes used for a hive room.



Culprit: The shifty console against the wall. *Scratch*


The console has nothing to do with it. The spawn is still broken however, as the MOAs spawn but don't move or grow?


Result: Spawned two Corpus green MOAs, the first spawned on the floor above the console and was promptly disposed of. The seconed MOA showed up but got stuck (in the same area I was looking down on in the first pic).



Upon re-creating both MOAs didn't show at all.



Hanging loot crate

Room: Difficult to get a screen shot to id the room.



Culprit:The console to the left of Ash.



Result: The crate (now above the console) contains lockers, however the lockers wouldn't open and have no indication sign for opening the locker.



Same results when trying to re-produce the bug.





Situation No.3: Oestrus, mobile defence, host, public but no one joined.


Room: Deadly blue mist, connects to a mist free room.



Consoles: They open doors just below and to the side of them, sucking out all the mist.



Problem: I wasn't able to activate the consoles again until sometime later. Since there is no timer and it just constanly glistens (that little flash telling you that this does something) to indicate that I can use the console, I assume I can just constantly use it. Suggest, a timer or stopping the glisten until it's ready to use again.


Upon re-creating I was able to use the console again but at random time incarments.

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