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Enemy Ideas, Unit Compositions, And Weapons- Complete Edition


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This thread is the complete series where I attempt to render some order to the game that will, in hope, add a sense of progression as players move from planet to planet. This is more of an exercise in thought, but any input to the project is much appreciated. Enjoy, and remember this is a Work in Project.


If any artist reads these and wants to make the things in this thread come to life, go for it! I love the communities artwork and hope that may of you are pursuing jobs/careers in fields were your efforts can be realized. All I do is play music, but you can give these ideas form that the other players can marvel at.



Thank you, and I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I have had creating it.


Edits for October 2014

Edit 10/17/14: I added spoilers to hide some of the text as suggested. Keep the advice coming. Noob here, need all help.


Edit 10/18/14: I have found the problem with the Infested. The troop concepts were being listed under the Geist special

                       command troop. I have fixed the problem, and hope this makes the Infested section easier to read.


Edit 10/20/14: Added 3 new primaries and one melee for the Grineer. Added The Super-Heavy class of mechanized troops to 

                       the Grineer as well.


Edit 10/28/14: Corpus additions- 4 Private Security troops

                       Grineer additions- 1 new secondary weapon

                       Infested additions- 1 new melee weapon

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Enemy Ideas, Unit Compositions, and Weapons- Complete Edition



Command Troops

These are just a stratified version of the enemies we encounter now. The troops they spawn with will rush to their aid if they are attacked. These would replace the Eximus troops, but retain the possible aura buffs that are used now.  Each rank of command will add an ability to the troop making for a more formidable fight as a Tenno moves throughout the Origin System. They are armed as the units they lead.


Special Command Troops

These troops compose the elite echelon of each factions hierarchy. They have abilities that can be very dangerous if not dealt with quickly. At low levels they will act as normal command troops, leading the fight against the Tenno. However at high levels they take on the role of mini-bosses with the compliment of abilities of their type.


Unit Compositions

The unit load outs are set. Each unit fulfils a role in the military of each faction. The above mentioned leader types will spawn with the units and integrate with them. Any troop type can be the leader, that can be RNG'd for variety. The number of troops per unit will increase as you go throughout the Origin System. The compositions use only the troops present in the game.


Unit Spawning-

As of now in the game, enemy troops seem to spawn in a rather random fashion with no sense of order. Could the Grineer really conquer the Origin System by just heaving masses of men and women at a problem? Is it possible that the Corporate Good is fulfilled by the aimless flood of Corpus crewmen hurled at the Tenno threat?  Are the Infested just a bunch of mindless monsters bent on destruction and consumption? Maybe so, but I would say that there is some kind of arrangement that these troops could be put into to make them appear more like a military, and not a bunch of wondering goons…..but I could still be wrong…..mutated DNA, indoctrination, vicissitudinous morphing and all.



Grineer Enemy Concepts


Command Troops


Sergeant- lvl 0-10 Decimate: kills a standard troop to force the rest of unit to move forward


Captain-lvl 11-20 D, Take Cover: reduces damage for troop that take cover


Commander- lvl 21-30 D, TC, Switch Teleport


Legate-lvl 31+ D, TC, ST, and Seismic Shockwave


Special Command Troops


Augatur- The Queens’ Gnosis. Mad scientist with a modified Stug that can deal different types of   

elemental damage,and 2 abilities.  

Test Subject- Injects a troop with a random mutation

Mask- Cloaks for a short time


Archaphant- The Queens’ Caring Embrace. Carries an Acrid and has 2 abilities.

Mercy-Heals surrounding troops

Fever- can spray the air with a frenzy inducing aerosolized toxin.


Psycultis- The Queens’ Minds. Carries a Nukor and has

3 psychic attacks

( Push, Pull, and Single Target Crush)


 the Voxlagator, a wearable regulator device.


Inquizar*- Eyes of the Queens. Carries the Jat Kittag and has 3 psychic support abilities


Second Sight- Sees through the eyes of a spotted Tenno,

revealing their position.


Clairyoence- Anticipate a Tennos next move and locks out the

attempt to use an ability.


Ire- Bombards the Tenno with mental clutter, disabling the HUD.


*A big thanks to Forum-mate Lactamid. Gave me some great ideas, and because of those ideas the Inquizar took form. Thanks bud. Keep the ideas coming.



Light Troops




Agent- melee unit with Grineer Poison Throwing Spikes, Sheev, and an energy net attack





Commando- Grakata, Sheev, and smoke grenades; lvl 0-20


Elite Commando- Grakata “ “; lvl 21+


Ranger- Sheev, Grinlok,Target Painter( “paints” a target to receive fire). Forest/Desert  Tile sets




Medium Troops





Duel wielding Atterax



Riot shield and machete



Melee Counterpart to the Hellion


Ranged- This is a small rework of the Lancer solider to clarify were the 2 lay in the hierarchy


Lancer- Karak; lvl 0-20

Elite Lancer- Hind; lvl 21+



Twin Grimlins, plants trip mines.




Heavy Troops


Heavy Sniper-




Jat Kittag wielding heavy unit with jump jets



a stocky marine wielding a Drakgoon and able use Frenzied Charge


Mortar Team-

emplacements for defense. 2 heavies operate it. If one is killed, the second  

                           will Up a shell and run with it to the nearest enemy, suicide in the process.



       Super-Heavy Troops- Mechanized troops using large exoskeletons in assault and siege roles

                                               Used by the Grineer in large, open tile sets.



Mobile battering ram. Its spike mounted forelimbs are used to punch through the

                         strongest battlments in the Origin System.



Used for long range bombardment. The twin high caliber cannons on its shoulders require it

                      to anchor itself in place before firing. Belt feed Medusa( Supped up Gorgan) gatling guns

                      help it protect itself while moving into position, and while fireing on target.



A seeker on steroids. Smaller than the other Super heavys allowing for greater mobility. Acts

                     as a support units to deal with large groups of enemies. Its multi-targeting laser allows it to

                     paing mulitpule targets at once and release Hunter Roller(Exploding Rollers) that track its





A walking shield wall used to cover the advance for more nimble foot soldiers. It track wheels              allow it to spin in place, just as a tank. When engaging in combat, its shield forearms slip to reveal large blades that spin on end, in a buzz saw like fashion.  








A strange gun that uses compressed gas from sniper ammo to operate a pair of crushing claws. Hold down the trigger and run at your enemy.



A crude automatic scatter laser shotgun that slows the wielder down to a walk when firing.




A grenade launcher that fires spike covered rounds that puncture their target and                                     have a time delayed fuse



A pump action crossbow that fires 2 steel stakes with punch through. 6 shot mag





a net gun…..and a pun…..and a rhyme.



a trip mine launching gun, whose  rounds stick to surfaces.


*This one is for laughs, but could be neat. It popped in my head, and I just had to put in here to reward those that are powling through all the text. Have a chuckle.





A curved, 2 handed Grineer sword with an edge like the machete.

                                      Deals Fire damage


Riot Club-

An radiation baton that also has a knock back proc


Mourning Star-

Staff class weapon capped on both ends with flails of suspended ice



A gauntlet mounted buzz saw and medium diamond shaped shield



one handed axe and dagger



one handed mace with blast damage



Grineer one-handed small sword  Puncture and slash damage.


Grineer Unit Compositions - Each squad is led by a command troop



Light Unit Squads


Scout Fireteam-

This would be made up of Commandos and Rangers (if a troop type like

                                              them are implemented)



Vanguard Assault Squad



Flameblade- needs a new weapon…..like a Flameblade…?




Medium Unit Squads


    Riot Corps

Shield Lancers





Lancers Corps



Elite Lancers


Long Support Corps




Heavy Unit Squads


The Queens’s Artillery Corps



Praetor Guard

Heavy Gunner


The Bane Brigade






Corpus Enemy Concepts


Command Troops-

The Corpus do not seem to have a command structure as the Grineer do, so this is my attempt to give them one. As DE is a Canadian company I tried to use the Canadian Naval ranks along with rank/titles used by the Merchant Marines and U.S. Coast Guard.


Petty Officer (PO)- Neutral Surge: Shocks the unit forcing them to advance


Chief Petty Officer(CPO)- NS, Take Cover: reduces damage for troops that take cover


Ensign- NS, TC, Bribe: when attacked by a tenno, other troops rush to their aid


Lieutenant- NS, TC, Bribe, and Seismic Shockwave



Special Command Troops


Security Chief- Carries a powerful Lanka variant and has 2 abilities



Very, VERY powerful single shot with a long                 



Calls in more units. Units called in in this manner  

have no drop table. If not dealt with the cell could be overhelmed by numbers that do not give out any



Chief Engineer- Heavy shield, dual wields Detrons and has 2 abilities


Aye, Captain!-

Seals off the room’s exits and blows the doors and windows to the room exposing the area to space. The Tenno must kill him to retrieve the device to activate the ships emergency hull repair/shields.


Full Speed!-

Attaches ammo belts to his Detrons and fills the 

area with death. This causes this Detrons melt down causing the CE to be defenseless for a short time.




Medic- Carries a Cestra and has 2 abilities



Overcharges the shields of surrounding units making them weather more damage



 Fires a servo into a downed troop reanimating  

                                them to fight again. The troop is weaker and acts  

                                more as a meat shield



Astralist- ship navigator armed with Swarm Drone Controller, a shield jammer and one ability.



Shock a Tenno, stunning them, and marking them as a 

target for the Swarm Drones


Ship Master- Ship’s leader, acts as a mini-boss. Deploys 2 Drones ( the nasty ones that pop out of

                        Fusion MOAs).  Carries the Master’s Shockwave Cannon


Master’s Shockwave Cannon-

Fires out a Shockwave Orb that deals Impact damage.

When it comes in contact with a Tenno it sets off a 

Shockwave then spilts into 2 halves. These will emit

Smaller shockwaves, and again split. A total of 8 pieces of the orb will be scattered over the board. The whole orb pulses slowly, with each successive split pulsing faster      

and faster. The weaker shockwaves will only stagger, not knock down a Tenno.





Replaces the Elite Crewmen units as the real security teams of Corpus Ships.



A rework of the Prod Crewmen.


Brigg Guardsman-

Focused with keeping prisoners alive and jail breakers out. Armed with       

a Glaxion.


Bridge Guardsman-

Bridge security. Carries a Serro.



Engineer Crewman-

A rework of the Detron Crewmen.


Non- Crewmen



Shotgun wielding wheeler and dealer…..I wonder what’s in the ship they fly?



A new member of the Merchant Cult, but are unable to control themselves



agent of the inner circles for the Corpus hierarchy



responsible for capturing people for the Cult


Private Security-  Hired by traders and brokers for protection


Melee focused fast attacker. Uses a Lecta in combat.


ranged bodyguard. Slow moving, but fast firing. Custom Dera.


Duel Cestra wielding space cow-corpus. Drops an electiric shield for proection.


A good punch to the face is all this outlaw needs to deliver for one to understand what he wants. High shields with good armour and fast attack when in range make him a priority target.



Flack MOA-

squat moa armed with an automatic shotgun


Spark MOA-

normal moa armed with an arc-lighting cannon


Freeze MOA-

Moa armed with a gun that fires a cone of frost


Sapper MOA-

a suicidal MOA, just like the ones on other threads…not much to add about this




wolf based Quadra able to sniff out Tenno and alert nearby Corpus

Deals slash damage with high bleed procs



Massive weapons platform. Shorter than the Jackal, but more robust

Does a frontal swipe that deals very high impact damage



a stealth quadra that strikes at moments of weakness. Be careful when you shield

                              and health are low. You may be prey for this nasty little blogger.


Androids- the next step in Corpus robotics



Net Osprey-

deploys an energy net to incapacitate people. Used by Brokers.


Swarm Osprey-

very small drones that attach to a target and shock them. Main weapon of

                                            the Astralist.



Weapons- The Corpus, for being technologically advanced, have a surprising shallow weapon





a work into a Corpus shotgun


Gauss Rifle-

Semi-auto, magnetic damage




Main weapon of the Broker. Fires an energy bolo that can wrap around the

                       hand,ankles, or neck. Must be “revived” by a teammate to be freed.



Single shot, high powered puncture pistol.





a pair of hydrolic fist pistons studded with small, cone-shaped spikes.



one handed plasma sword. Chinese straight sword mixed with a static cutting




upgraded Prova wielded in pairs



Single bladed pole arm……I just want a quandao in the game…..I can dream.


Corpus Unit Compositions – Each squad is led by a command troop.


Crewmen/Moa/Osprey Squads


Conscript Squad


Shield Osprey



Security Squad

Elite Crewman

Prod Crewman

Shield Osprey


Hostage Rescue Squad

Sniper Crewman

Shield Osprey

Railgun MOA


Containment Team


Shield Osprey

Mine Osprey

Fusion MOA


      Strife Response Squad

Shield Osprey

Shockwave MOA

Anti MOA


Sapper Squadron

Shield Osprey

Leech Osprey

Oxium Osprey

Scavenger Drone




Infested Concepts- We need more Infested       


Command Units


Zeta- Feed: marks a target for  others to attack

Beta- F, Ambush: Calls all Infested to hide forcing Tenno to get close.

Alpha- F, A, Howl: Emboldens the Infested to attack and move faster

Omega- F, A, H, Screech: A weaker version of Phorid’s ability


Special Command Units



A floating ball of tentacles and brain matter surrounded by a bio-electric shield.

If melee, it will return heavy damage back at the attacker, or overwhelmed by damage Will release the shield sending out a wave of debilitating electricity. Has 1 abilitiy.


  Sense Synapse- Because of its use of bio-electricity, a Caebrum can sense the energy

                                             flowing through a creatures brain. Able to detect cloaked targets at  

 medium distance.



Grecth- A bloated biped that absorbs  bio matter. A walking Infested petri dish. Expels a 

noxous gas when attack at close range. Has 2 Abilities


Ingest-  Slurps of the remains of dead creatures, gaining life in the process.

Reanimate- Brings back to life dead troops


Ancient Herald- A lithe and limber ancient with near translucent bark. Sings a continually 

changing song. Has 2 abilities.


Erring Cadence-  this song projects a shell of sound waves that reduces

                                              the accuracy of projectiles fired into it.

Drudge- A frontal cone attack that flings everything in its path into the air


Geist- Stealth melee troop. Has 2 abilities

Waylay- ambushes a Tenno stunning them. Geist begins to psychically probe the Tennos mind leading to the second ability. It must be  killed before it finishes the mind invasion.

Doppelganger- Steals a weaker version of a random Tenno ability if it lands the Waylay



Light Troops





Latches on to downed players stopping other from reviving them until it is killed.

Players left too long in the Gorgers grasp will revive with less health


Volatile Runner Variants- explodes, but does other types of damage

Vile Runner- poison

Burst Runner- spread an area of mucus on the ground causing players

to fall down

Thorn Runner- flings fleshthorns through the air that have punch through.




Cobra like infested that spits toxin. When approached it will wrap up a single

                                  Tenno At the ankles. One must back flip to break free. If not done in time, the

                                  rest of your team will have to kill the Serphont to release you


Medium Troops





A many tentecled slug that has a 360 degree attack radius.

                   Able to grab up a Tenno, requiring their teammates to attack the

                  holding them.






Insectoid flyer based on the Oxium Osprey

                          Shoots gouts of green flame and dive bombs from above when damaged



Heavy Units





A four-legged Cyclops with a single massive limb protruding from its chest. The limb

terminates in a long, wide bone blade used to shear bodies in half.



Imagine a centipede bent back upon itself, eating its own tail. Along it’s underbelly 

instead of rows of protective plates one sees rows of small gnashing mouths. This

monstrosity rolls on to the field of battle with the intention of knocking a Tenno to 

ground, standing on them, and begin to devour them. Bring friends.



A living wall of bone and plant material. Can thrash close targets but is mainly a

                              moving bulwark



Pod Spore-

a bulbous plant infested that lobs semi-autonomous spores that deal blast



Infested Assassin- Warning: Mini-fanfic disclosure. I had a dream in real life and this was it.


The lights flicker. You know that your actions would bring unwanted attention, but they had to be done. As the lights blink again the Infested surrounding you pause and lift their head into the air. What are they sensing? Do they know something you don’t? In an instant the Infested scatter away from the room far faster than they had come. The third flicker and the room goes dark. In the far hallway you see 3 red glowing eyes peering out of the black. The smell of decay begins to fill the air, and low, labored breathing enters your ears. The overhead lights begin to switch on in segments at a time leading towards the hallway in which the 3 eyes glare on, growing in intensity. The last segment turns on, but the hallway remains dark. The smell becomes overwhelming, but the breathing stops thumping in your ears. You realize your enemy. Lotus told you not to go too far into Infested space, but you would not listen. Now, you see the error of your choices. The Pox has come, and there is no immunity to its wrath.


Weapons- There just needs to be more Infested weapons





A spine launching flack cannon that deals poison damage



sprays a corrosive stream of slime and causes loss of foot traction



Infested sniper rifle. Fires thorn like rounds





Semi automatic dual shotgun pistols with impact poison damage



a massive automatic machine pistol






cresent shaped sparring gear made for slicing apart enemies.



a narled, bone and wood like 2 handed hammer



axe variant of the Femubor



Infested claws



Infested brawling mitts




pair of slashing daggers



Infested Unit Compositions - Each squad is led by a command troop

Unit Spawning-


Scourge Pack

Ancient Healer





Sever  Pack

Ancient Disrupter

Electric Crawler

Volatile Runner



Plague Pack


Lobber Crawler


Nauseous Crawler


Toxic Crawler


Toxic Ancient



Plague Host

Mutalist Osprey

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This looks really promising, but please use spoilers because it's very long(it makes visibility easier)... :p


And links to your previous works too.


As far as I've read, I agree with the fact that Grineer are supposed to be an army, with some sort of organisation or "combat formations".

Edited by unknow99
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This looks really promising, but please use spoilers because it's very long(it makes visibility easier)... :p


And links to your previous works too.


As far as I've read, I agree with the fact that Grineer are supposed to be an army, with some sort of organisation or "combat formations".

Thank you. I have never really done the whole forum thing on any other game. I will take your suggestions and apply them in the future.

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Thank you. I have never really done the whole forum thing on any other game. I will take your suggestions and apply them in the future.

You're welcome tenno!


Just press "edit" >> use [ spoiler ]The text you want to hide lies here [ /spoiler ] with no space in the [] and you'll do this


First thoughts :

A way to make enemies spawn in a specific way with % chance & specific units could be possible,I think. I'd also love to see commanders shouting orders!

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While I agree with what I've read so far, I must ask, why do the lights always flicker when an assassin approaches in this game..?

I also notice that you're treating the Infested like a Plant, while I think of them as a Fungus. Is the nature of the Infestation officially stated anywhere or is it just down to personal opinion?

It is an observation of the vegetation in the void and the derelict. The giant plants that one walks along, and the way the ancient’s skin looks when you are close to one leads me to think that is more plant like than fungus. I can completely see the fungi elements of the infested though. We really do not know what the Technocyte Virus does to different type of matter, so this was more a personal choice/oversight. Thanks for looking.

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On-top of that, it is totally probable that the Infestation are inspired by both plant and fungi-like entities, of which games have numerous examples.



As I said earlier, I love what you've done with filling out and Militarizing the different factions. Saying that, I am not a huge fan of the method of implementation in all cases, and, as such, I am going to be creating my own version of this content in my own thread (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/325412-multiple-concepts-a-general-list-of-ideas-including-enemy-units-warframes-and-mission-types/?p=3671507) over the next few days/weeks.

Please do not feel that I am stealing you're idea; we have all, I'm sure, noticed the games defects in this branch.

I would, however, like to let you know that some of what you have created is very, very good stuff and I would like to copy some of it over into my own interpretation.

I will reference this thread as a source of major inspiration, so please do not feel that I am stealing. It's more a case of loving the effort and thought that you've put into this so much that I wan't to spread bits of it as far and wide as is reasonable.

Thank you very, very much for your contributions to this forum, and personally, to my thought processes on the same topics.

I am excited to see your ideas. Go for it.

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