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  1. Hey Hideo Konami isn't the only one who figured it out... Hitman, Dishonored & a few others got solid stealth foundations too! Because Warfarm man : you do a mission and it feels great! Ooooh I don't have enough,let's do it again! And again, and again, and again, and..... Staying in a defense mission is bearable until a certain point, redoing the same node too, sometimes you even start to feel like you're doing a job. So they choose to accelerate the process, the gameplay loop they see as tedious.
  2. That definitely helps BUT the thing is : apart from having a silent melee weapon, anything else shouldn't feel mandatory... It's a stealth test, not a ''equipX mod + X weapon" test.
  3. Well,both can coexist : just make objective patchnotes with factual info like a programmer does, and add a little joke on the side to avoid looking like a robot...
  4. Wait....There's still hope for Stealth in this game?!! (I suggest any developer to try Mastery rank 9 & 19 to really see what could be done to make stealth viable with AND without warframe abilities)
  5. Ok, I'll test that with mah Wisp later today... Then use Nyx or Vauban to see if the detection is improved in any way. Wish me luck!
  6. WOW how recent is this change?!! o.0 (I stopped playing about a month ago out of frustration from stealth) Does it make sneaking around with visible frames bearable?
  7. With all due respect, old Tsukinoki, this shouldn't require complete pattern memorizing...Why? Because these tests are meant to check how you'd handle stuff in missions. And enemies in missions don't behave like this at all : they go somewhere,stop, then go in 4 possible directions without the player being able to completely predict what happens next! (unless they look at a wall or are in a U/narrow path) I love Hitman & Splinter Cell games, and I managed a few times to solve a mission without knowing the enemy patterns but by being careful enough when I sneak around). These tests don't seem to meet these conditions. (they used to)
  8. EXACTLY. That would be exactly the direction needed to avoid building a card castle without good foundations! (and we know what happens when the base of a card castle isn't solid enough) They and a majority of the community suffer too much from the "shiny object syndrome" : some old stuff rot in a corner BUT LOOK, LICHES / RAILJACK / NEW OPEN WORLD MAP!
  9. These smokescreen suggestions are GREAT.
  10. It's ok, we all start like that! (the problem is : I can't really help you if the system we're talking about is....Broken) They changed : enemy vision (back then you could crouch & approach them from behind easier! Yeah people aren't that blind in real life BUT we're playing a game) stealth kills XP multipliers (You can't range stealth kill & get a multiplier with your primary & secondary anymore. Melee is fine. What the Ruk?) they notice dead bodies (makes sense. I'd keep this change BUT allow a semi-stealth kill affinity. They're semi-alerted, they know something is suspicious but you can't tell they died alerted from a bullet in the back of the head!) They notice projectiles (makes sense too, but this impacted bow stealth A LOT : slow projectiles can easily blow your cover) With these in mind, even doing the mastery rank tests that require stealth is extremely clunky.
  11. I was thinking like your 1st option but as time goes by I agree more & more with the 2nd one...
  12. Still not fixed? Come on... I really wonder if they care about it. What's worse is that Spy & Rescue are all about Stealth but noooo, it stays like that.
  13. Rework I'd like to see : Stealth. That's all.
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