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  1. Rhino se rend toujours compte des choses en premier. D'ailleurs il est déjà au courant des avancées technologiques à venir, c'est juste qu'il en parle pas pour que les scientifiques gardent leur job...
  2. Dégueulasserie? De quoi tu p- Roooooh Rorkyr enfin... (Rhino a trouvé ça drôle par contre)
  3. They just revealed the cats. I'm mre interested in them than normal kubrows. :) ...I still want hunhows.
  4. C'est paske elle sent bon les années 90! :D (Jvois tjrs pas votre upvote m'sieur.)
  5. Je vois pas d'upvote pourtant... C'est le facteur nostalgique qui parle! (Aaah Donkey Kong Country...Toute ma jeunesse... T-T ) Ou alors tu like parce que t'as peur de Rhino.
  6. Ah oui? : Non sans son consentement bien sûr... :p
  7. Si Vay Hek a réussi à détruire des relais, c'est seulement parce que Rhino aime les feux d'artifices...
  8. Another cat relic!!! :o The prophecy has already started...
  9. Necro'ing this? Naaah... It's still a relevant topic. (I really hope so) I didn't even bother doing the kubrow quest entirely, but if this is added,I'll be the first to use them more than my Shade!
  10. Uncle-Skittlez strikes again... :) +1 for another awesome concept.
  11. Lightsabers are a joke compared to this...
  12. I once had fun trying to make a lancer hit the extraction point from afar (record is ~30 m)! Why did they scraped people homerunning?! ;-;
  13. Hmmkay, you may have taken my post too seriously or you felt offended (and it wasn't its purpose)... Of course that's your opinion and you can say what you want! We're here to discuss and share different opinions! It works in both senses,as it is useful in both senses. I'm just saying that the "noob-minigun-phenomenon" you were talking about might not be a reality if D.E. does add it one day, that's all. If they manage to make it punishing for the campers you are talking about. It's like people saying no to nunchuks, because they think it's uneffective in real life. We're in a game wh
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