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  1. I HATE your profile pic, but I 100% agree with you. On my part : What's the next tileset revamp after the Corpus? Can we get a tease of the new planet/environment to be worked on? Why do you want to kill the old Corpus Ship tileset instead of adding the new one aside the old one? Aren't you afraid of losing some variety with that? (instead of letting players farm in several different Corpus backgrounds) Where are kubrow/kavats/kompanion orders?... It's a MUCH NEEDED feature that would be extra helpful, and Sheldon already told about it on stream. (Orders like : Stay here/Attack this dude/Go there/Stay stealthy) Where's Void Archwing and it's juicy rewards?!! Where's Void Spy / Derelict Spy with juicy rewards too? Where's Orokin disruption? Where's Derelict Hive and it's juicy rewards? Orokin Hijack? Orokin Defection? Derelict Defection? Orokin Rescue? You get the idea : A Lot of new gamemodes you introduced don't have a superior T4/T3 version with actual great reward tables, and thus might lack the incentives needed to make them worth playing in the long run....Could you address that? (About Void/Orokin mission types : Yes I know that Void fissures exist, but they don't add any variety,new rooms or challenges to explore, just grinding for rewards in a place we've farmed in ad nauseam,but with corrupted enemies inside,that's it.) Have you stopped doing Immortal skins? For many years, a lvl 1 Grineer lancer behaves EXACTLY the same as a lvl 50 or even lvl 100 Grineer lancer. (Walk unalerted/idle/notice suspicious thing & become semi-alerted/walk cautiously with weapon raised/Run/Shoot/Ring alarms & lock doors/throw grenades). Couldn't enemies learn new tactics/maneuvers/animations as they become more leveled instead of just gaining armor/health/damage?... Where are the "realistic gun" skins?
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