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  1. Why do I have the feeling that a thread about the other gender would end in a flame war?...
  2. Good question : I always keep my expectations low & watch the game from a distance (no need to go back if there isn't any really refreshing content to experience), but we have some time before May 3rd, they might surprise us... Talking about Wisp : HER SCARF,MAKE IT TOGGLEABLE. We KNOW it's possible (Nekros,Valkyr), you KNOW you will get more money if you do it. Talking about Valkyr: why do you nerf Wisp while you already got Valkyr,Garuda & Saryn who are as much revealing, hmmm? Also, it's not just for eye candy purposes : some people already expect clipping issues with their syandana, & would probably want to replace her default scarf for fashionframe reasons. I'll let you guys think about it...
  3. Hey space mom, you know what wold be cool for Ced's return? Toggleable Wisp's back.
  4. If you're not part of the dev team, you can't be sure about this... And they DID back down on their artistic vision before release : I don't know if you're that much of an old timer, but Ember was completely different at first. Ember was a dude! (and they changed him a lot : remnants of him are the Phoenix helmet & the fire chicken theme) ash was a girl at first too, but it didn't get past concept art. (I guess that your 2nd § is addressed to OP because I never said any of these)
  5. 1) Watch devstream 124. 2) The "Valkyr/Ivara is the best frame for... reasons" crowd voiced their opinion. (just like they did with Mesa prime)
  6. Making a "Valkyr bond" treatment will not cause any uproar, saying that a kind player will provide that option might... Imagine if they release a new frame (popular from its concept & previews), a lot of people complain & they still release it while saying "you might get a tennogen that will make satisfy you". This won't calm complainers down!
  7. Assk them to make it like this : (An option)
  8. Thanks ninjas, I woke up from my second sleep because this issue can be solved very, VERY easily... 🙂
  9. Just make Wisp's clothes O P T I O N A L The players want to look at her previous "unintended-butt-amazing" devstream design? [ON]OFF The players think she's showing too much? ON[OFF] You get each side's attention. Each side's money. No loss... Edit : We know you can do it : Nekros attachments & Valkyr's bonds are clear proofs of that.
  10. Problem = S O L V E D . Keyboard warriors will come, but if it's OPTIONAL, they can choose to cover it, while pervs can look at it all day. Win-win, everyone is happy!
  11. A NINTENDO SWITCH GIVEAW- I WILL WATCH EVERY MILLISECOND OF IT!!! Mrs Rebecca, it'd be cool if we could get info on the Nef Anyo bossfight , Melee 3.0, gore (right now, Moas and other units can't be dismembered and it looks weird), the next tileset rework, railjack, kingpin,longswords , non-archwing heavy machineguns, new quests, etc...
  12. The hype clearly went a lot on open worlds since PoE, making a bunch of content rot in the corner, true. Looks like they're finally going back to older tilesets (Jupiter 2.0 looks gorgeous) though! Let's hope there's other reworks for other tilesets/planets (Neptune,Pluto are the first that come to mind) + old bosses (Nef Anyo is in the works) in progress.
  13. Very nice frame DE, I will get her BUT there's a few things to note : 1) Her Gore abilities seem to work only on normal human enemies : pay attention and you will see that no Moa gets cut in several parts. GORE 2.0 might be a thing to consider (please). 2) Her ultimate looks cool buuut a bit unoriginal. Also, not enough Gore in that as well. 3) Moas can crouch & follow you, but rescue targets currently can't (and they used to before). Can you address this please? (Crouching is ESSENTIAL for Stealth, and a 100% Stealth Rescue is a very fun challenge) 4) Will her skillset be useful for the squad? How so? 5) Is her 1st a single target ability? Same question for the impale one? (would be interesting if you could have several impale spots & you could rip several people in half at once, muhuahahahahaha) 6) About the Switch version : what's up with crossplay? Account migration,etc? Will PC players have to start all over? Keep up the good work DE, and let's hope that the Switch release makes the game even more interesting to even more people!
  14. I'd like an answer for that too. Something tells me, however, that the good ol' days filled with events, new enemies/tilesets/gamemodes/weapon types/frames every 3 months is long gone... (because of the scale of the game or the dev team? No lo sé.) Best things to do with all these content droughts : just play less often if you don't have anything particular to farm & log in when there's brand new fresh content, I guess. (that's what kept me sane for 5 years now : I only come & farm for new stuff I'm interested in, never the flavor of the month content or new mastery fodder)
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