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Unique Warframe Traits


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I made a forum with several crazy ideas on it, but this is an idea that I think is far more realistic and should be added.

It's the idea that all frames have traits that are always there, making every Warframe even more unique and giving even more diverse options of playstyle. Here are some of the ideas I've had so far:


Valkyr: In a way, I already consider her crazy high armor a type of trait, but to add a little something-something ontop, because of her claws, why not make it so she can, instead of slowly sliding down walls, either grip onto them and stay still or slide down them even slower.

Ember: Given how weak as Hell Ember's abilities are, sadly, please make it so that she has these to traits: Her bullets and melee have a say, 10% chance to deal fire damage, even if weapons have no fire mods. Then another one; make it so when her shields break her Warframe releases an outward blast of fire, stunning and burning enemies around her.

Nova: This one is simple; possibly at the chance of blast damage behind her guns and melee and when her shields break, a near harmless explosion happens stunning enemies around her.

Banshee: Make it so when her shields break, she lets out a loud screech, stunning enemies. 

Frost: Frost damage to weapons and freezing enemies around him for say 3-5 seconds when shields break.

Saryn: Toxin damage to weapons and I think that'd be enough.


Yes, these ideas feature a lot of "stunning when shields break" simply because, I can't see trained professional Tenno not having some reaction/counter-measure when their shields break.


These ideas are simply examples so you get the idea of what I'm getting at. Tell me your opinions on it.

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