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Stalker Helmet For Excalibur (Halloween Exclusive)


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You know what's missing? The Helmet.


I think it would be great if we could buy a Stalker Helmet (With a Bonus:Smoke around the player).


The price could be 75p like the others Helmets, or 150p.


Tell something better than scaring people during halloween with a Stalker suit.


As i said before, EXCLUSIVE to Halloween, that means you would only be able to buy it during 1 Week or 1 Day.


The main purpose of halloween is to scare people, no?


It would be like this:


-Exclusive to the Excalibur Frame (Works with the Prime version)


-Only during Halloween.


-Price 75p or 150p.


-An smoke effect around the player when using it.


If you don't like the idea, i would appreciate it if you could tell me why you don't like it.

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Stalker frame is exlusive to players who have wandered the planes of the void for many years. and when the frame is given to the public Stalker's reputation will be ruined by fake-stalkers t-bagging Lech Krill.


I will not stand for such acts!!!



(but on a serious note, I do really think Stalker should never be skin to keep the character a bit more as an individual without all kinds of halloween Stalkers running amok.)

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