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Clan Emblem Review Process?



Hi Tenno,


I finally got 'round to creating a clan emblem for my ghost clan and uploaded it, but I thought there would be an email confirmation that the emblem was under review? 


So far I haven't got any notification, and it's not up in game yet, (uploaded 1 am Wednesday EST).  That could be totally normal, though.


What was the process like for other warlords?  Was there any correspondence at all?  Total time before it went live?


Thanks for your thoughts!

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There will be no correspondence at all unless your emblem was turned down. At least that how mine got introduced.


The time depend, they need to review it and bundle it with  a larger update. At 1 am (EDT?), it was probably too tight for the latest update. That or it wasn't included because it was a hotfix we got last wednesday. 

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