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Sentinel And Sentinel Weapons Unable To Rank Up.


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As the title says, I'm unable to rank up my sentinel and sentinel weapon. At the end of every mission, it shows the amount of EXP and bonus EXP gained by all my equipment (including sentinel and sentinel weapon). But when I return to my ship and the summary pops up again, my sentinel and sentinel weapon no longer appears on it. With that being said, they recived 0 EXP throught that mission.

Am I the only one facing this bug? Are the Kubrows affected as well?

DE I hope you'll look into this matter at your earliest convenience.

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If my sentinel was destroyed in the mission, it will not appear in the mission summary showing how much EXP it recieved.

So no, it was not destroyed.


I ask because I have had my sentinel show up in the first screen but not the second when it was destroyed in mission. I know its not supposed to happen but it does to me.

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