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Pvp Barriers Not Stopping All That They Should.


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On more than one occasion, while PvPing in a Dark Sector Conflict as a defender, I have witnessed the barriers not fully stopping all that one would think they should. First off, Specters and other NPCs will sometimes just walk right through them, making the spawn point hazardous. Second, weapons with puncture (such as a fully charged Dread/Paris Prime, Ignis, weapons modded with puncture, Torid/Ogris/Penta/Angstrum AoE, ETC..) will go right through and hit anything on the other side, which I've seen people do on purpose. Third, melee weapons still hit through the barrier, allowing people to camp the last room barrier and just melee spam to kill anything that gets close. And lastly, any AoE Warframe power. I have seen Absorb, Stomp, World on Fire, Snow Globe, Disarm, Pull, Molecular Prime, and the absolute worse one the I have had the misfortune of having spammed on my group and I, Bladestorm. (Though I'm sure most other AoE powers can also do this, I have not seen them yet.) A properly modded Ash was able to camp the barrier, cast Bladestorm past it, kill my group, Specters and NPCs, over and over and over again. The player was straight up exploiting this bug to lock down the spawn. And since there is little you can do to defend against the stun, and the fact Ash is invulnerable during this power, we weren't even able to leave spawn once we got there. The other team even just sat around for a few minutes watching this Ash do this, before another Ash joined in. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Perhaps make the spawn a "safe zone" where no enemy damage can be done to you, and any enemy that bypasses the barrier into this "safe zone" is killed, regardless of which power they are using.

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hey welcome to the forums.


obviously you are SO upset that this has forced you to use the forums for the first time. What I will tell you is 100% truth and will probably just upset you more.


1) this has been going on Since day 2 of dark sector PVP.

2) It has been brought up countless times.


Rest is my 2 cents.


The only solace I can give you is the whisper or a whisper that somewhere, some DE is working on fixing this, and any other dark sector issues. but its just something heard from someone that heard it from someone. go take a peek in the PVP feedback forums.

(which some mod will come in here and eventually move this to the PVP feedback-section ) 


DE hasn't posted anything in there in a long time. very long time. makes you wonder... is their anyone out there.

*insert Outer limits sound track*

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