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Limbo Quest Lacks Proper Requirements Description!


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I bought the quest, started crafting it and then rushed because I wanted to start it early. When I tried to go for the first mission I realized it was AN ARCHWING MISSION and because the archwing missions require the archwing questline to be completed first, there is no way I can do this quest before Sunday! I just wasted 15 plat to rush a quest that I couldn't do anyway, and nothing told me I couldn't. I could have just waited for it to finish crafting because it had no need to hurry because I couldn't do it before I have finished archwing. WHY!?


Yes, I'm mad and no, I still don't hate DE.


I changed title, I don't think that DE really wanted to scam you or anyone. I relayed this with request of adding proper warning message.


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