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Nerf The H3Ll Out Of Corvette Drone D:


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I have pretty much no other complaint with update 15.

OTHER.. than the Corvettes insane high damage. It can.. no joking.. It can 1-shot you if you are too close with maximized health and shield. This little bugger is so insane, that even the Napalm Grineers are jealous of it.


Not only that but the grenades sticks to anything that can be touched... And since almost all (if not all) corpus maps are tight and only got one way through, it makes it impossible to go through without taking massive damage or die... cause the grenades sticks for an eternity.


I like the idea with it. But do something about the damage and timer for how long the grenades can stick (atleast make them detonate when the osprey that shot it is dead)

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