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Debauchery Tea Party


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Hi guys. Shiroe here XD. Well some of u guys may know the DTP from Log Horizon, so let me keep this short and sweet. I'm planning on creating a Ghost clan for veterans, which is on one hand slackish and on the other hardcore. For example easily doing t4 survs or wave 100 defences.. but the catch is, you don't have to be super active or online all the time, all to your own convenience. So basically this party is to conquer like super hard missions e.g. events and void or derelict. Basically endgame content. For those who are interested but don't know the meaning behind Debauchery Tea Party, here's a link to find out : http://log-horizon.wikia.com/wiki/Debauchery_Tea_Party 

So, the plan is to start from Ghost and once we have enough members move to shadow and that's it. 

then with enough members, we will design a clan emblem together. 

So...lets see...requirements, yes. First be at least MR10 and above. (exceptions given because new players might be super enthu about the game and willing to forma their weapons to become stronger). Secondly, be willing to go through super long intense missions. Thirdly, willing to have fun. :) That's all. Thank You For Reading. 

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