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Syndicate Questions



Firstly, does anyone know about efficiency of points? There seems to be some difference in how points are calculated--I'm finding steel meridian points are VERY hard to get, Suda points are fairly easy, and a clanmate with me on these missions was getting many times more points while in the Arbiters.


Are there tricks to this, or are some just harder than others, and how much does mission type matter?


Also: Can you lose a rank once you've bought it?

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1 - It is all equal values, he could of just killed more people then you.

2 - See Answer #1

3 - I am not sure because I am on PS4. But, most likely.

NOTE: Do not bump your forum. It is not a good thing and I was told this by a moderator. Do not bump.

1. They do not seem to be equal gain--I'm getting 47 at best with SM, while getting several hundred with suda.

2. ...and I'm out killing my clannie, but getting 1/10th as many points as him.

3. ...

4. I know that bumping is discouraged, but the wiki has people who've reached rank 3 already, and I'm struggling along here at ~10 points a pop. So I'd rather figure out wth I'm doing wrong ASAP, but nobody else has had anything to say on this. =/

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I don't have any tiers with anyone yet.


However, I have discovered: Suda grants relative boatloads of points for void missions, while SM doles out huge points for Archwing Intercepts.


SM also gives mediocre(but superior to most other mission types) points for invasions.

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Wait. Which Syndicate Sigil do you have on? A Cephalon Suda one?

You can change sigils at will. I've been alternating between SM and CS. CS gives, on average, 4x as many points as SM does for the same mission.


EDIT: And AH, which my clannie was wearing, apparently gives 1.5x to 2x as many as CS.

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