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[Archwing Missions] An Easy Solution To Enemies Spawning Inside Asteroids?


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So, as others already have pointed out, enemies in the Erpo (Earth) interception tend to spawn inside the asteroids. I just had an idea during one of those missions, that might prove a not exactly easy, but lasting solution for this problem: Hangars / air locks (basically just big rooms similar to some of the dead end rooms in the galleon tile set) inside which enemies spawn before they fly out to their nearest target.

It might be easier to define a "safe" room where they ARE allowed to spawn than excluding all the areas where they are not. In addition, those rooms could offer something to the explorers, as we might see unmounted Dargyns and broken Dregs waiting for repair there. I think, you'd only need two or three of those rooms per bigger asteroid to keep people from spawn-camping (especially, since it's even harder to block enemy routes in three dimensions).

What do you guys say?



If someone else already had the same or a similar idea, feel free to suggest a merge.

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I have just noticed, that every bigger asteroid has a cave inside which the Grineer spawn. Problem is, that they can get stuck inside there. And it's pitch black, so if you fly in, you will only see them when they are directly in front of you. Dear level designers, please hang some lights in there, and we're good.

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