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Disarmed Weapon Temporarily Reset


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I was disarmed during a mission and my weapon was temporarily reset. Believe it was reset to Rank 1, but for the remainder of the mission, that weapon was largely useless and unmodded. When I picked the weapon up, the model remained floating in air and I was able to shoot from my bare hand. If I picked it up again, it replace the model with a different one, while still remaining invisbile in my hand, and once again reset the level on the weapon (I gained a level with it for attempting to pick it up again, that's how I noticed my weapon level was reset in the first place.) At the end of the mission, it showed level 1 in the mission end window. Looking at it in the Armory, it had gone back to it's actual level with all mods still equipped properly.

I'm not sure if it's a general bug or a bug specific to Limbo. I had been Rift Walking on Limbo when it happened. I Bansihed one of those Dhakar Masters or what ever they're called (the Grineer dog walkers). I'm guessing he disarmed me before I managed to kill him in the Void.

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