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Archwing Delivers


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- archwing melee is great, better than regular melee IMO...  Shift + Melee = tenno missile!
- sabotage map is amazing, the right size and fun to transverse

- destroying rocks was a great touch, could be used to hit the enemies with debris? mybe it dows already, I didn't realize yet



- mod to reduce bumps or easy maneuver around, maybe the mod would give you a little "help" if you need just a little inches to avoid a wall
- objectives need a big visible globe around it, extraction point, interception towers, drops...
- maybe we could hold a Tab and it would highlight and name drops, objectives, etc
- map indications for "above", "below"

all in all Archwing really delivered, IMO

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If by "delivers" you actually mean consistently and repeatedly crashes within the first 5 secs of actually being in an Archwing - then you clearly work for Canada Post.


I can see you obviously are not having these problems - but there are many out there who cannot even access the content.


Looks slick - big fail - not a delivery. That's like the pizza guy showing up and realising your food is in the box UPSIDE-DOWN?!

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IMO, it's a good start. The movement and combat are exhilariating. The sound is great. But there is work to be done.


- For one, we need a Corpus Interception, Defense or Suvival. Any endless mode. The available Corpus missions are too short and too scarcely populated. I still haven't lucked out on any of the Corpus rare drops. By the way, the Corpus missions offer zero rewards (probably a bug).


- Maps need some love. Specially the Corpus "trench run" Ship. It's beatiful, and traversing it is a lot of fun, but the map is mostly empty. Loot areas, hidden areas, turrets, more destructable objects. Just flying through the same map over and over gets old really fast. We need more things to do, more threats to deal with.


Understanding that this is the first iteration, and bugs aside, Archwing is refreshing. And so much fun. Hopefully what we have now is only the beginning.

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