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Archwing Interception - In Space, Noone Can Hear You Scream...


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...cause if they could, surely all solar system would have hear me swearing and cursing after my fourth failed Archwing interception mission.


First one, yesterday - connectivity issues. I was hosting. Before the first wave starts, one comrade fall from party (never had connectivity issues with me before). Rejoins. During first wave, another one lost connection. After first wave I lost connection, game crashed. What the...?


Second one, yesterday - 1 fallen, 1 stuck, and the fourth one cannot see the enmies or pick up drops. Exit.


Third one, today - 2 stuck, the only one left cannot see the enmies, eventually gets stucked on a different place while trying to lure them to us guided only by our directions. Exit.


Fourth one, today - after patch 15.05, everything seems to go ok. I see a marked mod  about 1200 m away from the interception zones. I go for it. Lotus advises me I'm getting out of the mission zone. I stop while thinking "how can mods get out of mission zone?" and fly back to mission zone as soon as I hear Lotus. ordis extracts me NOOOOOOO!!!


I give up. There are sooo many things to be repaired before this is functional that I rather wait to 15.10 before trying again. Wait for me, Limbo. 

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