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Next Rank (Gold Initiate) In 0 (Problem)



When I access my profile page, it tells me that I've got all the mastery XP I need to get to rank 3, but it won't let me take the test. I haven't been given the prompt at all, so it's not as if I failed my last try. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? I gave the forums a quick search (heck, I'm new to this place, so I might be in the wrong sub forum), but there's no results about it. Might've also searched for the wrong thing, I dunno, I'm pretty new to participting in forums in general.


Apologies and thanks in advance for possibly making a repost of another topic and the help respectively.


EDIT: I'm also not sure if I'm wasting XP by playing the game whilst I've hit my XP cap for rank 2. Should I stop playing ultil this gets resolved, or does the XP get put into an overflow for the next rank(s)?

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