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Howl Of The Kubrow Stuck On 'wait For Kubrow To Mature.'?


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My kubrow is fully grown but it still says 'wait for kubrow to mature'? So i can't do the collar mission? Someone please help me! I know my kubrow is matured because she's big, and loosing health. I will cherish the person that can help me with this problem! 

Thank you for reading this! Please I'm in need of help!!!!

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to go to the next stage of the quest, you need to wait for 2 complete login cycles to go by. At that point the kubrow will be mature, and you'll get a mission to find the collar for it, which completes the questline. Depending on where in the login cycle you were when the countdown began, it can be as little as 48 hours, but also as much as 72ish. Before you decide the quest is in fact stuck, wait for at least one more login cycle before you open a ticket.


Glad to see it all worked out. Happy gaming!

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Im gonna bump this because I have this problem. Ive had my kubrow in stasis for 2 months now. I put him there when he was a pup. Now I go to codex to start mission but it says he needs to mature, even though he is. His health and loyalty is 100% as well. Ive already waited 2 days while hes in stasis. Maybe I should leave him out for a day outside? I contacted support and this is what they said, how do I get this resolved?


"Hello Tenno,

Sorry that this happened to you. Unfortunately it is difficult to reconstruct what happened without some specific information if your game client wasn't able to sync up with our servers.
If this happens regularly you may want to make a support ticket specifically to help sort out your malfunctioning network.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to create a reference and restore any of the lost items from solo missions, from failed or quit missions, nor can we restore resources, credits, affinity or standing gains with any of the factions.

We might be able to help you providing you can supply us with the following information:
- What are the names of the other players that were with you on this mission? (IMPORTANT for cross referencing)
- What item specifically are you concerned about? (Note: We cannot restore everything, please choose one item)
- When (date & time + your time zone) did you finish the mission? 
- Where (node / Void / Derelict / alert) did you play the mission?

With this information we might be able to create a reference. Please note that screenshots/videos or log files can unfortunately not be accepted as a reference.

Note: Please submit the requested information as soon and as complete as possible to ensure the best chances for us to restore the item you lost. Once all necessary information has been submitted, it can take between 2 days and 2 weeks until we will be able to restore your reward, depending on the current influx of requests.

Thank you."


EDIT: After leaving my kubrow out of stasis overnight, I logged in today and he was mature, I think I had to wait for 3 hours after stasis thing for it to set in. Consider this solved.

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