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  1. I know that things CAN explode in space (the result of exposure to a vacuum is called explosive decompression for a reason) but a "human" like a crewman probably woundn't blow up in the same fireball that an osprey would.
  2. Or, you know, don't panic because the Balors stay on a planet for 2 days before blowing up the relay. If we should be panicking about anything it should be Earth.
  3. Yeah, you should have a way to choose what shows up there.
  4. YES! Lets screw over all the new or mid level players that are just getting into the void and don't need all the prime parts they're getting! I love this plan!
  5. Or one of the bad apples that doesn't keyshare nicely makes a bunch of alt accounts to give themselves good reputation and keep it.
  6. The faceplate looks a bit stretched out, but other than that it looks amazing!
  7. Only if I don't want to see my event information or what alerts are active.
  8. As it currently stands, I have Operation Eyes of Blight, Fleet Footed, two Formorian Threats, and 3 alerts on my navigation console. That makes the idle information screen (when you're not in the navigation menu) taller than me in game. Can we please have a change to this? It is a lot of information, of which not all is important to me. I do not need to see Fleet footed's rewards and that I finished it. I know that. Can we have the ability to choose what is shown on that display? Really this is insane here.
  9. My point isn't that things can't explode in space, but that "humans" in a space suit wouldn't.
  10. Is this more "Rule of Cool" stuff? That everything is better with explosions? I just find it a little bit odd that every enemy you kill in an archwing mission explodes. Crewmen shouldn't blow up, they should get cut up and decay like they would in a normal mission. I haven't played many Grineer archwing missions, but I think the same can be said for them.
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