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Excalibur And The Broken Camera - Why Can't I Melee?


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So I'm curious if anyone has experienced this before.


It only seems to happen with my Excalibur (Tested on both normal and prime).


I'll be running around, blocking attacks and holding right mouse button to keep up my guard.


Blocking bullets la-la-la and then I'll initiate a slash dash during it to cut through some enemies.


Suddenly I come out of the slash dash and I can't melee. I can switch freely between sword-alone stance or using my primary/secondary. I can shoot just fine with them, but when I switch to melee (or even if I just use it) it won't work. 

Furthermore, the camera is much lower on Excalibur, closer to the ground making it feel like the camera following me ran out of juice and is just dragging along the ground. 

It's a *really* nifty camera angle I might add! However as a result it also thinks I'm melee'ing, so my stamina doesn't recharge at it's usual rate and depletes nearly twice as fast.

I'll try to reproduce it and post a screenshot! Anyone else experience this with their excal?

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I get this bug too, although not just on Excal. For me it seems to happen on any frame. Not sure what I always do to trigger it though.


I see! I only seem to have it from Excalibur mainly because so far it happens to me while I"m meleeing (sword alone mode) and hold right click to then initiate an ability. My camera then shifts down and gets stuck. Sometimes it takes minutes to come back to normal.

Nothing I do will bring it back to normal.

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