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Feedback About The New Stacking In Defense & Interception.


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This was something asked a few times, and the purpose was to be able to keep the rewards on pool until you wanted to go out, so it only needed to be stackable, there was no need to mess with rewards or the way they were structured.


Interception - Besides the changes in gameplay that make the enemy have even more advantage like inv cap or death cap, but that not the point, the reward table was restructured, most nodes stopped giving keys at 3 round, now usually 4 or 5 (there was nodes that sometimes gived at 4 but it was usually at 3), if you continue like before to get the key you want, she doesnt appear, i only wented to round 9, wich in the old system had droped 2 diferent keys at least.


Defense (Void) - Only played in void, and what im finding is im getting rewards at 15 and 20 that i would get on the old system at 5 and 10, for instance if i wanted the Burston bp, i had to do 10 waves in T3 to get it, now i got it at 15 or 20, and the previous rewards were 1 orokin cell/ 1 Rare Core/1 Orokin Cell, even worst when the 20 reward is the Ankyros bp in T3 when that was a wave 5 reward.


Conclusion, im not seing any benefict of the stacking on those missions, at least until wave 20 or round 10 since i didnt go further bc i was trying to make was many games was possible to understand the reward structure, if the structure was the same that would definitly worth while for a change bc even Survival isnt rewarding anymore.


Even on those lower tiers, I would understand Core 3 packs, Core 5 Packs, but 1 core or 1 cell is just unrewarding, be it T1 or T3, that you get by playing normal missions and it is always more that 1.


I was afraid of this, bc seing how T4 survival was structured from start in term of Primes, it was very easy to Defense & Interception end up the same way, so i think a few changes could make things more interesting.


Like create Core 3 packs for lower tier, like x5 on T1 and use Core 5 x5 for T2 & T3 and remove the 1x Orokin Cell bc it is just frustrating even when we need it, its just idea bc now I just lost the interest of wasting more keys since not even to make sets worth now.



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The new reward stacking is totally fine. People dont go out of missions anymore. They go tryhard to get the most out of it because of the affinity points. I like it. The only thing that should be looked into is forma. In my opinion it lost its value after the ablity change. Forma is most likely a dead round at the moment. 

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I'm going to be honest, I absolutely HATE the stacking in interception now. I used to be able to just hang out till round 4 or so, and have a good chance at what I wanted. Granted, then I had to leave and come back again, but since the rewards were concentrated after round 4, there was a good chance you could find what you wanted. Now, if I don't like what I get on round 4, I have to stay another 4 rounds just to get a chance at the mod, and if I don't get it then, I have to wait another 4 rounds. Great, I now have 3 keys that I have absolutely no desire to use, where by this time, I would probably have gotten what I wanted and moved on.


For those who are just playing cause it's there and they can go far, it is a needed change. But the 3 rounds of S#&$ty rewards before you see something of use needs to go. Get rid of common mods (i.e., easily aquired outside of mission rewards) from the reward tables, and replace them with something useful (hard to get mods, lower tier keys, resources), and this might be more rewarding. As it is, there is pretty much no reason to stay beyond the 4th wave, unless you are playing Void missions, and they already have better rewards. Scaling enemies in a mode that doesn't reward staying past wave 4? No thanks!

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i would rather have forma than 1000 creds really those are a joke.


also if you could get cumulative top rewards the game would burn quite easily


Well that not the point, today i even went a little further like round 11 a few times and no sight of second key, so the only thing you really win with this stacking in Interception, is do more rounds to get what you got before with 3 in most missions, since besides the Multishot once in while, there is nothing that stand out the effort.


Defense in Void, the same exact thing, what i got at round 5, now drop at 15, so if I want something from 15, i guess, and im just guessing now bc didnt passed the 20 like i stated in the post, il have to stay until 25 or 30 at least if follow the same line.


I dont really see any advantage on stacking, at least with this kind of rewards (1 Orokin Cell/1 Uncommon Mod/1 Rare Mod), that i get easly on missions without wasting keys.

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at first i thought this was a great addition, but i didnt realize that DE would mess with the tables this much. as it stands defense and interception rewards are atrocious and boring.


round 1 reward: ammo drum. oh great, ill just toss that in with the other 900 i have


round 2 reward: blunderbuss: sweet, ill have over 500 of these soon at this rate


round 3 reward: cryo rounds: I only had 90 of those! happy day!


etc etc...


wheres the variety? wheres the stuff that is actually useful?


there needs to be other things added to the reward tables other than mods most of us have in spades already, things like:


credit caches

low tier void keys

resources of all rarities


that would help with the monotony that is current defense/interception rewards

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