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Profile Stat Problem


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I was looking over my profile stats for my weapons and warframes, and i saw a lot of things that are incorrect.


1. My rank 25 Boltor has a record of 0 kills. Aslo the same thing on my AKBoltos which are at rank 10

2. Boss kill counts are incorrect because I know i killed the Golem and Phoird more than once, and ive grinded the corpus bosses a lot more than for 8 boss kills.

3. I have an Excaliber listed on my warframes that ive used with all its stats are 0. There problem with this is i dont own an Excalibur  so why is it even there?

4. Im looking at the mission count too, and at one point and time it was over 800, why is it now under 400?

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I think it is overall glitchy. Partially due to some rollback at one point in time where they lost stats, but I think we lost more than that.


1. My AKBoltos have this issue:


I must be a highly accurate party leecher :T


2. Boss kills probably the same thing. There's no way I've killed only 4 grineer bosses and I have Trinity and Frost(unbuilt).


3. I don't know what to say about this one. Perhaps it is a default somehow. I have a braton like that but don't recall using one. I went with Burston and was going to come back to it eventually.


4. Probably the rollback again.


And I'll add my own #5, incorrect levels.


Lato Vandal at level 30. I got credit for it up to 14. Pretty sure this is another rollback issue but I have no idea what the solution is. This also affects several of my other weapons.

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Yeah, stats are pretty much bugged.


about 2:

I've did every boss in the game right now at least once and my "Grineer Boss Kills" show up as 0.

Don't know if alerts or repeats should count towards that as well, but I don't think so since the rest are in the single digits. If they should count every time I hit Vor in the face with various blunt and edged instruments... :D


about 3:

Isn't that from the tutorial? I've also got it. I've also had all-zeroes stats for a Braton (not the MK1) I haven't bought before I decided to level one.

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