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What Is Hyperion Thrusters Worth?



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I'd give it a few weeks, probably be 20p and under by then.


DE has to adjust it's drop rate. Based on all current statistics, it is the hardest mod to obtain in the game. Being valued @ 600P Fully leveled, 10 ranker, like Serration / Redirection.  It's benefit is almost a requirement, too.

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probably be 20p and under by then.

 I disagree. The way i see it it's a new "Bite", so maxed it's not gonna go under 300-400 p each

I got one after 7000+ kills over 2 days. I'd get pretty upset finding someone who offers 20. I can run 3-4 voids in less than half an hour and gain pieces for 20 plats-

Whoever sells under 300 (maxed ofc) is really giving up on a huge chunk.

IF they adjust the droprates then i agree, the price it's gonna go down probably like said above around 100 or a bit less.

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Some time next week do people want to group up and farm for it?

With 4 people it would go four times as fast and we'd all get the mod.


To farm: go to corpus sabotage, find a carrier, kill all enemies around it, kill the drones it spawns (1-2 spawn when previous ones have been killed, fastest rate is about a round of spawns every 20 seconds).  If 4 people each find their own carrier it would go way faster.  I could see it dropping in a single half hour/full hour sesh.

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