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New Mod: Auto Reload "magazine Warp"


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I feel that Magazine Warp is a silly name for what is just a larger magazine for rifles. Ammo drum actually makes more sense for that.

However, at current, we have this annoying thingy where if we do a multitude of actions--stumble, knocked down, melee attack, etc etc--that reload is reset.

This mod would either allow the reload to continue through that phase, or pause the reload instead of resetting it, so that it'll reload "gradually" instead of not at all.

For levels/points of balance: Either have it impose a reload speed penalty that degrades with levels and/or have it improve in the things that it can reload through, instead of just pausing.

Graphically, why not just have the weapons be thrown into oblivion and have new ones materialize ;D

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I agree with everything except the last sentence :P Also I dont like the idea of it slowing reload. That doesnt make much sense, its still a single magazine. And we dont want mods that are side grades. 

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