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The Corpus Love Crates So I Made Them Crates


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Long story short I've been looking into mudbox lately and I'm really good at navigating maya and have experience with multiple autodesk programs so I am moderately quickly learning how to use mudbox and I decided to make my first attempt at mudbox and maya put together should have something to do with warframe and I remembered how the corpus have crates laying around everywhere in all their maps so I just made a bunch of boxes in the snow. There are a few problems with the bump map and specularity but I think it came together alright (not perfect). I made mostly everything in mudbox and I'm new to mudbox so yea some stuff is a little bit broken.


Crate Close Up http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-aCeiBiw2-C4/VFCKKbdrJCI/AAAAAAAAAH8/rpFv5FLhDrs/s1600/Render02.jpg


Stack Close Up http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Z6AvoKFXkHQ/VFCKFyexylI/AAAAAAAAAH0/7h7jk0lTyZc/s1600/Render03.jpg


4k http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Z1GA66DJ_x8/VFCJ_FGEzBI/AAAAAAAAAHs/UkQFaptcA0k/s1600/4kmasterpiece3.png


Now if you look at the 4k render your gonna be able to detect alot of problems with the bump mapping, more so than all the other renders but you know bare with me here I'm new. Also all of this was rendered and arranged in autodesk maya only the modeling and texturing was done in mudbox (Which was like 90% of the work).


Having a student membership to the autodesk creators suite it is good for my own welfare to elaborate on the fact that this is a non-profit form of self expression and should be treated as such under the american copyright laws and the autodesk student membership agreement.


Okay I'm done you guys can criticize...

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What a crate idea! (I'm sorry about that)

You bet its a crate idea. Crates are the corpus way and someone needs to point that out. Like for real there isn't actually a room in a corpus map without crates in it. Hell the corpus' heads are crates. So I made crates lots and lots of creates. Okay I just went way off topic but who cares my thread my rules.
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