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[Suggestions] Survival Missions On Archwing


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Hey there,


i am kinda frustrated that my favourite game mode isn't on Archwing, but i know that i would be hard to implement something like this in the Space. Below i will write down some ideas and suggestions for the Survival mission type.



There could be something like a "Generator", or a "Self destruction console" that needs either power, or ressources to not explode, if it explodes it would be obviusly lost, there could be a chain reaction, where some ways to the extraction area would be blocked, so you would have to hurry if that "Generator" would get blown up.


To power it, maybe add some corpus enemies with bigger "Archwings" or space jets, that have a big energy cell, wich you could use to power the generator, after you crush that Corpus, or Grineers head obviously.


Well even if not something like that, but i hope to see some endless possible game modes, where you can stay as long as you can, as in the normal survival mode.


Feedback appreciated, also share your own ideas here!


Cheers ~NovaCry

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Why not just a simple large constant influx of enemies? The goal is to survive as long as possible. No gimmicky RNG based life support drops. Nothing to defend. Just simply, you're in space and the enemy knows you're in space and has sent a fleet of space based fighters after you, survive as long as possible.


Though, I'd like to see excavation become an archwing game mode. I feel like the Tenno would utilize the archwings to mine resources from asteroids and other space rocks in space.

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