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(Pc) Saviors Of The Sun Looking For New People! :d Please Read And Message Back! :)


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Clan Name: Saviors of The Sun


In-game Name: xXSn1p3Mast3rXx


SOS Is currently a very small shadow clan, We are reaching out to you so we can build up in strength and number so hopefully one day to bring a community we all envision as a whole! All of our research is done and when a new weapon is available we have it building almost immediately! :) We are a friendly few and hope to build something great! :D We listen to every ones views and ideas and make sure to implement them into whatever we are doing. We have a few rules the requirements for those who want to join.



 -No racism or sexism

 -Don't be rude and or pick people apart for their views or the person they are



 -HAVE to be fairly active


 -Help contribute to buildings and such

 -Just wanna have fun! :D


If interested in joing please leave your I.G.N. Below and I will get to you as soon as possible and shoot you an invite! :D If you have any questions as well please leave them below as well, Hope to see some new face in our dojo!

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