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Archwing Gamemode Suggestion


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At the moment, archwing severly lacks diversity in gamemodes so here are some ideas:



-) Invasion:

We have a Corpus and a Grineer capital ship point their broadsides at each other. While they fire shots, in between Corpus and Grineer "space infantry" are fighting each other. You choose your side and help one side defeat the other. 


-) Defense:

The players have to defend the ship core of their side from getting blown up by the other. 



-) Infested Hive:

Just like the one on the corpus infested wrecks, but on a significantly larger scale and in space. 


-) Excavation:

You excavate from asteroids this time. 



-) Orokin void missions of any gamemode:

Void missions are awesome so why not?




Also, do something about the Corvas, it's painful to look at. 

It is supposed to be a flak cannon, not this. Just make it into a "space drakgoon". Its pellets have a proximity fuse so if they get close enough to an enemy (or hit a surface other than an enemy) they explode and deal blast damage. Charging it makes the spread tighter. 


Post some feedback ;)

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First about Corvas: That thing is brutal in any trench mission against the Corpus...


Without a Forma, with just RLB and two elemental mods it hits for 1600 elemental and around 500 combined puncture\slash\impact... Maybe more, need to check better... In open space, you need to master the Imperatus, sorry...


About the multiple modes, the problem is that so far Archwings missions are still in development. Maybe we'll get more once the code is more stable and things gets fixed...


The infested hive is a cool idea and I think DE is thinking about it, but the tilesets are going to be worked on, same thing for the Void ones. They'll have to tweak Void visual effect. the one we see from the cutscenes\windows in the Orokin vessels, into something that won't require the sacrifice of our eyes.

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