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***new Forma Like Item Idea(Adds One Mod Slot)****


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So i was thinking that this could be a interesting idea, it would cost a forma and argon and some other components

and what it would do: 


requires: a forma, and argon? 


1).Adds one mod slot with no polarities


2). DECRESES THE WEAPON MAX  CAPACITY BY 2 (or more if DE wants) capacity 60->58 {to encourage the usage of forma}i.e supper advanced modded weapons)


   -resets the weapon to unranked (like regular forma) {maybe remove all the polarities? (i don't want to be that mean)}


   - can only add 2 more slots (max) to weapons, and 4 for warframes (because DE removed 2 when they made skills xp      based) {u dont want people running around with mod slots for everything they want}


=so i came up with this idea from some of my clan mates, and with the (removal?) of two of the warframe slots after skills were moved to xp based.=


 ***if you want please comment the buffs or changes/nerfs to this idea as you see fit, this could be balanced more but if you have changes to this base idea please feel free to do so****


Please tell me what you think! and try to get DE to notice this on a dev stream or something if its a good idea :)

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No. That will give way to much power into weapons that are unbalanced enough as it is.


removing mod points isn't a problem. If I had to I would use 2 of these, and then forma every single slot in the weapon, just ot have 2 more slots , as logn as im using a specialized build this isn't the problem.


On the other hand if someone is willing ot forma all 8(10?) slots , like me, might as well :P


so yes? but no?


oh and the main problem is that there just aren't enough mods to put on weapons, i mean i could put 10 but most of the time it would be plain old overkill.

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