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Valkyr Build Opinions



Hey everyone I've been using Valkyr since around when i first started playing Warframe (she was my 2nd warframe) around a month ago with ~200 hrs logged currently and out of all the different warframes I've tried she's the most fun that i've ever used. Anyways i was thinking of trying a new build out and was wondering if this was any good http://goo.gl/B9ReoI(the reason why i have an extra forma is because i'm on xbox and we don't have update 15 yet). I'm trying to have this build mostly focused on Warcry where i get a huge attack speed and armor boost while being able to last a very long time as well where Hysteria is there just in case i need healing or i get into any sticky situations. Let me know what you guys think, i would really appreciate any feedback on this.

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I would personally make at least these adjustments:


* Drop Narrowminded and use Stretch, this will CC more enemies, as well as making it possible to buff your friends.

* Drop Rage and embrace the goodness which is energy-restores. Constitution is a good mod to add instead.


As you said that you use Warcry mostly then I wouldn't make any further adjustments than that.


Though I do have a purely survivability-oriented build to enable me to easily get out with Hysteria while enabling me to use ranged weapons more: http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Valkyr/t_30_220404002_2-3-10-3-8-5-4-4-5-5-6-5-6-0-5-14-1-5-19-5-10-47-7-5-55-2-5_6-6-14-5-55-11-2-6-4-9-19-7-5-9-47-11-3-18_0/en/1-0-19/


And for Archwing: http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Valkyr/t_30_220404002_1-4-10-2-3-10-15-6-3-17-2-5-19-5-10-37-8-5-47-7-5_f-f-f-f-17-9-2-6-1-14-19-7-15-9-47-11-37-5_0/en/1-0-19/

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This what i run ..So far I have no problems in any run I use Hysteria for down players and i try to very had to stay with team mates to buff with warcry .this build is 99% melee for me it is very rare i would use a rifle or side arm  with  her .. give it a try 


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