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What Are Some New Syndicate Offerings You'd Like To See In The Future?


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How about Weapon Type Mods? I know we all see stuff like Mire or Supra mods, but they only seem applicable to one weapon (I feel duped for the Kestral one, there's only three Glaives in the game and yet whoever gives the Kestral Mod only affects the Kestral?) Only One Faction actually gives a mod for a Prime Weapon (and it's the Burston) grinding rep doesn't take five minutes, so why are most of the mods applied to Mid Game weapons and even Starter Weapons? (+100% Damage on the Skana? Look out Dakra Prime, there's a new weapon to wear with your Crimson Dervish Stance, but it's still not as powerful as a Scindo Prime Cleaving Whirlwind...)


Don't release weapon-specific mods, instead offer generalized mods that give me more of a compelling choice than 'Oh, The Arbiters of Hexis have a buff for a Prime Weapon? Time to go join them.' And also try to make joining a Faction COMPELLING! Make me feel like grinding Reputation with the Arbiters of Hexis is actually making my Warframe undergo Trials and coming out STRONGER for them.


Maybe Ship Customization for supporting specific factions? (IE: Arbiters of Hexis throw some mods on your armory to make it look cool, New Loka puts up some nice decorations somewhere, Perrin add some Corpus Tech around the ship?)


And finally, MAYBE it's time to tone down the New Loka Hunting Squads so they DON'T One-Shot your Warframe? Just a minor suggestion. I mean, the people who want to turn us back into Humanity (which are actually pretty weak by the way) have the Squad that can murder you horribly? Wouldn't that be more appropriate for Red Veil or Arbiters of Hexis?


As a heterosexual male, I'd love to decorate my ship with some nice draping vines bought from New Loka.


EDIT: To avoid the New Loka hunting squads you should probably join us. ONE OF US.

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