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Archwing Interception


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I'm stuck farming Uranus for days and days.  I finally get a group that can actually do it and we are going to wave 8, on wave 7 suddenly the UI get's screwed up and I can't extract or battle because it's so screwed up.




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Just had this same issue happen to me and another member of my squad at wave 7 (other two seemed unaffected)


EDIT: Wasn't able to test if dying or getting to the next wave fixed it as I didn't die and the only two unaffected weren't able to kill enemies inside asteroids


EDIT1: Had this happen again (this time It didn't hit me) but it seemed to fix after completing round 8 (this one happened at the start of round 8 rather than 7). Have yet to see this happen before wave 5

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Also, if the devs can take a look at how the capture points spawn and manage themselves? We had a couple of games where the host left (one reason or another) and the game added extra capture points and scramble the existing points (A becomes B on the map, etc), while loosing the markers on screen. This makes the game really tough to complete since you can't really be sure which direction you are going.


Furthermore, the game sprinkle bacon bits on your suck salad by spawning the new capture points 3000m +++ away from existing ones which drags the match even further. Endless amounts of buzzing around empty space for nothing.


Please constrain the spawn parameters, devs? Uranus interception for archwing is long enough, we don't need the game throwing idiotic curveballs at us more than all the hellions spewing missiles at us already.

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