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Dissable Stealth Attacks During Valkyr's Paralysis Stun


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Could stealth attacks get disabled during valkyr's paralysis stun? The stun is so short that I think is better to being able to slash/smash through your enemies with the normal melee attacks than wasting all the time the stuns lasts into a fancy animation (this is specially annoyingly stupid when you are sorrounded by weak enemies... perform the devastating and fancy surprise btts3x and kill only one loser when the others recovers from the stun -.- C'MON! I could kill all of them in the few seconds the stun last with 3 or 4 hits if the character didn't perform a stealth attack!)

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but that stun + finisher was the most useful part of the skill, i mean it has too short a stun for anything else anyway and you could just make a rolling attack

On non-parry enemies it is just a 400% melee buff like Unalerted or Stealth multiplier.(Moas or Ancients)

Also Finishers currently don't scale with combo count, I think they should but that is another topic.

I use Paralysis for Damage and stun. I would use it as an AOE 400% Finisher buff but that would require a different bind for finishers & for ground finishers to be able to be manually activated.

(Paralysis + Roaring Drums...happiness)

But having a choice of single target finisher or AOE combo buff should be present?

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