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Earth Mobile Defense Alert Bugged


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Around 1pm CST I entered what was shown to be a mobile defense mission on Earth.  It turned out to be an interception mission and the Grineer never stopped spawning once the message was decoded.  I lost a lot of bonus XP and 18 mods because after playing for a while my framerate dropped from 180 fps to 15 fps and there was no way to complete mission or extract.


I posted this as a reply to the latest hotfix notes:


Posted Today, 02:16 PM

Okay now I'm up to 542 kills and mission progress says over 74,000 bonus XP and 17 mods.  I'm gonna cry when I have to abort.

Finally had to abort, 446 melee kills, 696 total with 18 mods and 61,000 xp on an interception mission on Earth.....weird.  Ultimately had a massive framerate drop from what normally shows up as 180 - 250 fps down to less than 18 fps.  Had to let is go.  After all the killing the HUD indicated I was still in round 1 of the interception, Lotus never asked if I wanted to stay for another round, only that the message had been decoded and to kill remaining Grineer ... but they just never stopped spawning.



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I might be wrong, but did Earth ever have Mobile Defense? It might have been a bug due to how Earth has no Mobile Defense on it, and hastily made a MD style map, but with one far off room being interception. and given that MD spawning was in place, you could never win.

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Confirming this bug.


Mission advertised itself as a Mobile Defense... nope. Interception.


Unlike the other interception missions, I first had to traverse several "rooms" worth of earth map to even get to the interception place. Not that the grineer had any problems capping the points while I spawned literally over a thousand meters away.

After completing the decode, Lotus gives you the "kill all survivors" as normal.

Only, fresh squads continue to spawn, requiring you to kill them.

This never ends, extraction is never offered, and this sucks.




Oh, and this was an Alert. Pretty sure that matters.

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