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Enemies Getting Stuck To Asteroid! (Archwing)


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I'm kinda sure that many threads exists regarding this but, enemies keep getting stuck to asteroid, this is how it happens.


Enemy fly towards something. Be it Tenno or Interception Tower. - Get stuck to geometrical enviroment when it is on its way - Stuck forever until Tenno guides or kills :P....


I suspect this problem is caused due to enemies guiding AI.


Please do something about it, it's not Tenno who is crying out by getting swarmed, a Tenno flying 3KM for eliminating enemies everytime.... :(

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Not sure how it happened. But i got that problem too and i took a screenshot. Seems like there are several threads related to this problem. This is frequent it seems, at least i got that problem several times in a short period of time. Here it was on Earth if i remember correctly.


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