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Learn About Kubrows Hangs Game


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I just incubated a new kubrow, and it just hatched and I was given the option to name it. It's not matured completely enough to take on a mission, but whenever I select the "Learn abour sahasa kubrows" option, it will hang at the loading bit, forcing a restart. It's happened every time so far.


Here's a pic of the hangup:



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Confirm also, for Raksa kubrow. It looks like the process is waiting for information from the server, and is locked into some sort of modal sequence.


Hitting "Escape" does not yield the regular options menu


Hitting the top left-hand menu button causes the screen to go back into the more info screen and does not let you escape this section of the UI. I had to restart the client.


Tried it again after relogin, accessed from the codex instead of the kubrow screen, leaves me locked in the codex position on the liset. I can all parts of the menu that exist only as menu dialog (ie, look at my profile , leaderboards, clan status, etc) but anything that requires going to a different part of the liset (ie, navigation, arsenal, syndicates, etc) drops me back to locked in the codex with the spinny wheel.


Side note: I *was* able to enter my clan dojo directly from the clan status menu because it bypasses the navigation screen, so i was able to break out of it by going to the dojo and back.

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