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Far Cry 4 & Gta 5 - Ps4!


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Hey there.


Who else is excited about those titles?


EU: 18th Nov 2014. Mark it!


I already preordered them. Why not?

But I guess, since Warframe, not even its U15 can hold me here, gets boring, I am thinking about selling/sharing/givingaway my plat/account.

I don't see that huge potention in this game, not anymore.


Alike Destiny. 10 year plan - already failing. People assumed that Destiny will become a great new milestone setting MMORPG - duh, another fancied Halo Shooter Genre.

Same goes for me about Warframe. It was great, during U8 and such, but it isn't getting better IMO. Way too much bugs, for a team which have had developed during [unreal] times. So much experience, so many issues/bugs/failures. That is kinda disappointing. Guess Warframes gets stable, if it passes 2-3 years, and out of beta.



Anyways. Did anyone played FC4 or GTA5 on the PS4 (Gamescom and co)?

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