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[Final Guide] Complete Viver Farming Guide [Final Guide]





As many of you may know, Viver, Eris, has recently become the hotspot for farming a significant amount of reputation for Syndicates. Many players have their own strategies as to how they go about farming this mission node, but I've noticed that the majority of the players have little to no clue as to how to execute the process correctly. 


A few of these issues include: capturing more than one point, running the wrong frames, running the wrong mods, and lack of communication. Hopefully, this guide will help you assess these problems and provide you with a better and more efficient farming experience.


Let's start with what frame you'll want to bring before we get into the strategy. You'll need:


  • Excalibur (x2)
  • Trinity (x1)
  • Nova (x1)

There are two Excaliburs to cover both sides of the map. His objective is to cast Radial Javelin (4). He will very rarely ever run into trouble seeing as the only time an enemy would even come close to him is when he's not casting Radial Javelin.


The Nova serves as a "Speed Nova." Her job is to cast Molecular Prime (4). She too will very rarely ever run into trouble seeing as she will be standing next to one of the Excaliburs.


The Trinity is there to provide energy for the rest of the team. Her job is to cast Energy Vampire (2). She will run into trouble as rarely as the other frames but with a slightly higher chance seeing as she's dependent on her weapon and the Excalibur within range to take care of the enemies before they get to her.


Now that you have the correct frames to get the job done, you'll need the right mods to execute their skills properly. Here are images pertaining to each frame and the effect it has on the skill(s):

















As you can tell, each frame requires at least one Forma. Each build also runs at maximum efficiency and has an Energy Siphon equipped. They're all made to make the best out of the one skill each frame should be using. 


Now you have the right frames. You have the right mods or close to them. Now you're ready for the last part on what you need to do when you actually load the map.


Each frame has a general position in which they're designated to. There should be absolutely no reason for someone to be moving around the map unless they need to neutralize a point, revive someone, or if it's the end of the round. These are the following spots in which each frame should position themselves in:


Excalibur 1: 




Excalibur 2:












Excalibur 1 covers A, B, and D, all while defending the Trinity.

Excalibur 2 covers A, C, and D, all while defending the Nova.

Trinity casts EV and will occasionally have to use weapons to kill the enemies if the Excalibur misses them, which is very rare.

Nova casts Molecular Prime and does so in a timely fashion as well as consistently.


The idea is to not capture any points at all so you can get as many kills as possible within a single round. Of course, if you don't want to risk losing or don't want to occasionally neutralize captured points if someone goes temporarily afk, you can capture A. Don't capture any other points but A unless you really need to.


You should be able to create similar results in a single run as such:





Hopefully, with these tips you'll be able to make your runs more efficient and enlighten others of the process to help Tenno of all kind become stronger! Remember, this isn't the one and only way of farming Viver, Eris, but it's a way my friends and I have worked towards creating and has been proven to be both consistent and efficient. Also, credits to Dr_Who_ as well as a few others in helping gather information to come up with this guide.


If you have any questions regarding something, feel free to message me in game or reply to this thread.


Enjoy! :D

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Don't need t


Don't really need to play as trin, just ask your trin to watch for rare mods. If they are paying attention, they should notice that the rare mods occasionally get looted, but they will notice that old ones will disappear. AKA, new ones get added, but the old ones get removed.


EDIT: specifically, I noticed 1 rare mod drop. Later on, I saw another appear, but realized the first was gone. They were on opposite sides of the little hall, so I'm pretty sure that one didn't get moved. Plus, there was no Vauban for vortex movement.


It would be great if we can confirm this in a controlled environment.

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It would be great if we can confirm this in a controlled environment.

I tried again, and found out that it was Scavenger Drones, not despawning. Mods and resources that landed farther away from spawns would never be affected. Although, that is moot as of the latest hotfix, as there is now a hard-cap at 50 mods in play at one given time.

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