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If imgur doesn't work (it happens once a blue moon) there are tons of other sites for uploading images as well.

Just google "image upload" and a big fat list should come up.


Make sure you copy and paste the link of the IMAGE directly.

Some sites will try to give you a blurry quasi-thumbnail with a url ending in =filename.jpg?2 or something like that.

You don't want that.


If the site does not provide a link to the image directly (some sites do this but its very VERY rare) you can always right click, COPY IMAGE LOCATION in the drop down menu, and you are good to go.


Note that imgur and most other image hosting sites do have limits on how large a picture can be in terms of filesize AND (for some reason) in terms of dimensions. So if you're running this game at 4k and take a screenshot don't be surprised if imgur or whatever resizes it to like 2k pixels wide even if the image file size is wee.


That's just how they operate!

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