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Boltor Or Karak And How To Build?



Hey everyone, i've got both the boltor and Karak to 30 and unsure which to use, i'm leaning more to Karak right now, but have no idea how to build it , currently i have:



Serration Rank 8

Fire rate +50%

Clip size +30%

cold damage +15%


On both of them, is that fine?


so, 4 questions


1)Which one?

2) How to mod them at 30

3) how to mod them at 60

4)How to mod at 60+ Max Forma

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I prefer the Boltor Prime>Karak>Regular Boltor.  


The build really depends on what you are fighting, for Corpus you want toxic or magnetic.  For Grineer you want Corrosive/Cold/Radiation, For infested you want Fire or Gas dmg.  For Void tower missions I would suggest Viral, Corrosive, or Radiation + a single element


Also for corpus you want Impact more so than Puncture as it wrecks shields.  Puncture is better on grineer as it goes through their armor alot better, and slash is good against anything with health if you have the right elements on it to get rid of the shields/armor but slash is especially good when mixed with fire/gas/corrosive on infested!


I forget if the Karak has mostly Slash, Impact or Puncture, I want to say it has Mainly Impact?  I could be wrong.


I know the Boltor is mainly Puncture, so I would honestly suggest going Karak and modding it Corrosive/Toxic  with serration, Split chamber and Shred + Elements, possibly Crit?  (I forget it's base crit chance and dmg.) until you get the Boltor Prime.  


-If you want to build them both then load your boltor out for Grineer and your Karak out for Corpus and Infested I'd say (I'm pretty sure it has more slash than the regular Boltor, I may be wrong)

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Fast hands is a must for Karak IMO. Have some trigger discipline and only shoot stuff as much as you need to and use fast hands to reload whenever you don't have a target. You will get into a nice little groove with dropping enemies one after another, pretty much non-stop. 


If you're doing the above, the small mag size boost from Wildfire is very helpful and I would take that over Hellfire for any enemy target where I want fire or a fire combo. If you're spraying whole mags like rambo then you won't notice it.


Heavy Caliber was pretty much made for Karak. With max Heavy Caliber Karak is still a headshot machine at SMG ranges, "accurate enough" at medium ranges, and is a PERFECT spray for shooting into crowds with punch-through. I love using it on the big interception maps, though it can blow through ammo really fast if you get too comfortable spraying groups of enemies that are far away. One of my favorite weapons for fighting corpus because of the spray, since you can spray into the little clouds of shield drones that build up and hover together and pop them all real fast without picking a target.





Damn... now I want to go home and play Zephyr w/ Karak on some Corpus interception. T_T


BRB working the next 11 hrs.

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