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  1. True! -- It's been .. longer than I can remember since I used all of my daily trades, so thanks for the reminder on this!
  2. Had you used your max amount of trades for the day perhaps? At MR 5, I think you should have 6 trades available (I think?) or atleast 5. Either way, If you were out of trades for the day, this could've been why that message was popping up for the other person. (Trades reset everyday when the login reward resets, and increasing your Mastery Rank will increase the amount of times you can trade for something in a day).
  3. Elements should not be mixing when you combine 2 weapons via Valence Fusion. If you are seeing this, and your certain you don't have a mod on your weapon influencing the element to make it a combo, then that would be a bug, I'd think. To be clear, from my understanding, the intended result would be: -You have a Kuva Brakk with Cold damage. -You fuse a heat Kuva Brakk into the cold one. -You now have a Kuva Brakk with Heat damage. TL:DR What @LoyalFangs said should be correct.
  4. Actually, last I checked (on PC) a week or so ago, it does work "very" well with it -- you just hit heavy melee, and she does her "quick melee animation" -- but it steals life... and if you are using the #4 augment, you can swing heavy attacks absurdly fast since they don't have a different animation than her "normal" Diwata attacks currently. (Where as before, it was impossible to really justify lifestrike with her ult, because going melee only and channeling would just = insta pull out of the ult due to energy cost per hit). Now lifestrike has literally 0 downside.
  5. Heya @(PS4)coma-edge ! Thank you for the ping! However, for future reference, if you want something moved, just report your own post (or the OP of said thread) -- and request that it be moved to the "X or Y" section. That way some one can take care of this much quicker for you! Why: I have a PC and a PS4 account, and you pinged the "PC" version of me -- which I almost never use for the forums (as that is not my moderator account). So It's a fluke that I even saw this ping to be honest. With that said, it's no big deal! - I am going to move this to PS4 Bugs since that the platform you are playing on, and pass the issue on to the best of my ability! -- I've seen more than one post about drone's getting stuck, so I'm sure DE is probably aware of the issue. (If this particular switch teleport thing, is indeed an issue). As far as Drone's getting stuck in plague star, or general weirdness with drones + abilities like switch teleport - DE probably needs a "very precise" repro, if anyone can figure out "exactly" what is causing the problem to happen and provide video or an explanation, that would probably do wonders for helping fix the issue. (Not that these threads aren't helpful as well!) 🙂 Good luck & thank you again guys! 🙂
  6. Moved this to the proper sub-forum for you @HornetKU ! 🙂
  7. Thanks Taylor! and Omg LOL Led!! 🙂 Meatball Boi!
  8. I understand that it's time invested in the game, and it hurts when something we love gets nerfed, changed, or maybe feels unbalanced. But some of the comments here aren't going to help anything to be quite honest. All I'm asking is that we keep the feedback / thoughts respectful (Pretty please with an OP melee riven and Prime Reach with a Maiming strike on top!) There is no need to include sarcasm or bash one another over riven changes. ❤️ Thanks in advance guys!
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