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Compilation Of Many Ideas I Have Had While Playing Warframe


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Sentinel Ideas:

  • Roaming sentinels, I think it would be cool if some behavior mod or something could tell a sentinel to roam around and scan, or collect loot, much like kubrows.

  • Attached sentinels, Such as a jetpack sentinel to help jump height, a spider legs sentinel to stay on walls longer, or a shoulder mounted predator cannon for badass points.

  • Sentinel Cephalons, install AI units in your sentinels, so that they can talk to you. Helios could notify you when you achieve max scans on something, carrier could tell you when a rare mod drops, shade could tell you if enemies are nearby.

Mod Ideas:

  • Radial Rearm, radial disarm augment, when cast, enemies within range are armed with an active grenade, when the grenade explodes it has a random status effect. (I think this fits with the trickster persona of which loki should be based on)

  • more warframe mods that don't focus entirely on powers, like handspring, heavy impact, maglev, rush, acrobat, etc... I was thinking it would be cool to have more enhanced parkour (through mods), such as jumping and kicking off walls, or being able to bring up easy hacking games to open up storage containers for better loot.

  • Mod clusters: my solution to the 50 mod cap, where mods would stack into a cluster mod, which may look like several mods held together in some sort of bracket, so that you could know that it is in fact more than one mod, This would make many players (especially Nekros) very happy.

  • Mod erasing module in the liset, basically an upgrade you would be able to get (through a quest maybe) for the mod station in your liset, it would enable you to store "mod data" and clear up some duplicate mods to same rarity fusion cores, you could later (for a lot of credits) reproduce a mod you already had using a fusion core.

General Ideas:

  • Separate mod areas based on crafting parts, such as barrel mods, receiver mods, and stock mods for most rifles, where a mod installed on the barrel would be damage/crit stuff, receiver would be status/rate of fire, and stock would be accuracy/zoom. this also applies to warframes, chassis has armor/shield/health mods, systems have warframe power mods, and helmet would have stuff like the aura, loot detection, enemy radar.

  • Syndicate cosmetics, because i want that red veil helmet.

  • weapon attachments, maybe purely cosmetic like sugataras, maybe not, this would include scopes, alternate grips, void laser targeting systems, etc...

  • more skins that change the mesh, like para, carabus, sprite, brokk, and manticore. I think id actually rather see a new skin for an existing weapon (likely one many players own 63 forma'd versions of) rather than a brand new weapon just like another weapon that already exists, for example: what if the amprex was just a skin for the synapse, they do basically the same thing. I really want to see the corpus version of the phage.

  • that last idea brings up a question, "what about mastery rank?", and to that i think well they are already doing something with the focus system, but i also never really got why a forma'd weapon doesn't gain you additional xp towards your mastery rank. I think it should, if not gain a bonus for going through the trouble of ranking it up again.

  • Clan Death Marks, if you are in bad standing with a clan from opposing them too much during a conflict or something, it can send its members after you in a mission, there would be some auto balancing to make it a fair fight, but otherwise it would add an interesting element to the game.

  • Visible Rare Resource, i'm sick and tired of seeing those yellow cylinders while farming for orokin cells and constantly not knowing what they are. I would be fine with rare resources being a different color, or having a thing like the rare mods do.

  • mining archwing gametype, basically where you go around and manually use your extractor to fill those resource cylinders with resources. maybe you have to avoid rock space monsters, or asteroid barrages.

Tell me what you think. Do you have any ideas that could make the game just that much better? post them in the comments.

Edit: not my own ideas, but ill mention: No negative syndicate rep for successful stealth, Mod sliders, Tenno are something to do with spines that detach and reattach to new frames.

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I really like most of the points here, especially the roaming and attached sentinels.


I would also like to see missions (with cutscenes) like Vor's prize for all the bosses for immersion into the personalities of the bosses. (I mean Vor is now a really fleshed out character because of the intro mission and we already have a cutscene for Alad V. I mean why isn't "The call" in-game?

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I love the idea of Radial Rearm, that totally sounds more like something Loki would do. Radial Disarm should be more of.... I guess Banshee's ability?
I wish there was more slots for mods though, 'cause there's hardly ever a spare slot to equip movement mods... otherwise, very likely only a few ppl would equip the mods you suggested. Rather than mods, kicking off walls and stuff.

Bashing containers for loot... hmmmm nah we already have Master Thief for that.

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