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Mission Challenges Feedback


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Hello, I tried searching for previous posts on challenges, but couldn't find any, since the achievements in Warframe are called challenges too, so sorry if someone already said this.


It is already known that all kinds of challenges can appear, you might be required to hack terminals on a defense mission or kill using your pistol when you aren't carrying one. At least this issue doesn't affect the other players. But today I asked other people for their challenges and turns out every person gets a different one. So if two people want to do their challenge and one of them has to kill stealthily and the other one needs to accumulate many kills they are essentially doing different missions and are not working together at all. Also if one person needs rifle kills and the other needs pistol kills. In both cases the players will compete against each other instead, trying to run ahead to get the kills.


One solution could be to have everyone get the same mission challenge and have the progress be shared, while increasing the requirements, but in that case kill challenges might not work well with exterminate missions because on low levels the number of enemies can be as low as 33. Or have the system that picks challenges pick ones that wouldn't cause competition in the mission.


Haven't asked many players, but in my opinion mission challenges have become more important with the introduction of syndicates now that people want to get as much affinity as they can.

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