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Nova's Antimatter Drop Is Not Working With Projectile Weapons.

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EDIT (01/05/2015): Over the past several days I've been testing AMD with the Lanka. Much to my disbelief it seams to be working fine now. I'm not sure what factor could of originally caused this issue or what made it stop. I suppose all's well that ends well.. And this may just be an oddity that never get's solved.. In any case feel free to post if the issue resurfaces for anyone. I'm always around if any additional information is needed.


   So after extensive testing I with the assistance of SoulHunter2008 have confirmed that Nova's Anti Matter Drop does not absorb damage from projectile weapons as intended.


Weapons confirmed to not work properly:


 - Lanka

 - Miter

 - Dera


Weapons that have mixed reports:


 - Dread


Weapons that work properly:


 - Quanta

 - Volkar

 - Synoid Gammacor

 - Paris Prime


Frames affected:


 - Nova

 - Nova Prime


Users affected:


 - Clients

 - Hosts


Users unaffected:


 - Solo players?


    The orbs seams to absorb a fraction of the damage done by projectiles as apposed to none at all. However the damage from it's explosion were far short of what these weapons put into it.


    For instance Dera's clip was emptied into the orb and regardless of this it wasn't enough to take out a level 10 corpus crewmen. It did however do noticeably more damage then the orb without any damage added to it, but only a tiny percentage of what the Dera itself could do on it's own.

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This seems to be only a problem client-side, whenever I'm hosting it seems to absorb all my damage


Since Nova's release up until now AMD does not slow down when you aim at it, it only does so randomly, and with the new augment mod, the ability opens up dozens of possibilities when it gets fixed, maybe make the speed at which it travels toggleable?



Edit; and with the new prime access coming up, AMD might need some attention.

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Edit; and with the new prime access coming up, AMD might need some attention.


    I agree entirely. I'm anticipating getting the highest package deal on her since she's my favorite frame. It'll be a shame if her abilities are still not functioning properly.

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    I'm bumping this in an attempt to give it some viability. I'd send it to support as a bug report, but it seams they rather we just post here, so I guess I'll be bumping this until I get some kinda confirmation that someone's seen it and written it on a list somewhere.

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Possible that this bug occurs only on clients? I know this has been a problem on clients in the past. Especially on laggy hosts the hits on AMD wouldnt register. Don't know if or when it was fixed.


Just tested it as host with Paris Prime and it is working as intended (both as host and as client)


PS: Yay, 200th post.

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no more crit hits applied to antimatter drop after fix? is this a bug? 1 shot from Dread(125% crit) charges AD same value as 1 shot from boltor prime (~1800 per bullet/arrow).


And from opticor i got 4 hits per shot - why? It have only 90% multishot.

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Problems now :


1 - When any damage is registered to amd, the number ticks twice.


2 - It seems that the damage amd can apply has a high limit of 2000039 (critical and head shot not counted). If we try to register more damage than this, amd is very likely to deal it's original damage like 200~300 as nothing was registered on to it.


3 - Amd usually does not stop when the HUD is directly pointed at it, no matter whether I'm host or not. (It sometimes stops strictly in the air, which should be the intended mechanism.)

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And as I posted that my AMD failed to even slow down. grrrr These mechanics are just screwed up. Even had AMD not tracking with my reticule and just coming straight at me.


I gave up waiting on a fix for " orb slows down when aiming at it" feature a long time ago, it's been well over a year.

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    Updating with... -very- strange new information. Even though no new updates have gone out since this issue was last present The Lanka seams to be working as intended now. Or at least in Solo matches. Perhaps lag's the issue? If that were the case why was it failing while hosting? I'll do a few more tests in online matches to confirm.


On a side note, Previously when I was experiencing the issue damage numbers would -not- be displayed on the Antimatter orb. Now they are.

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